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Sprouts Remedies For Colds And For Singers

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

A cold or sore throat is the worst thing you can get especially if you are a singer like myself. 
Recently, I felt a cold coming on and I had most of the symptoms body aches, sore throat, my eyes got smaller and I felt weak.
I do have allergies as well so I take my allergy pills every night.
But I still felt my body aches, my sinuses congested, knowing that a cold was coming on. I then decided to test the cold remedy from Sprouts.

I do not like hot teas, I am weary of taking herbal remedies, and I pretty much just take over-the-counter cold medicine.
But for reviewing purposes and testing purposes, I decided to give sprouts cold remedy a try.

I read the instructions on the label and followed them so that I wouldn't do something wrong.
When I read the part of taking the dropper and filling a glass of water with 25 drops I was very hesitant.
But I did follow the directions and filled my glass of water with 25 drops of sprouts cold remedy.

The water turned a little amber in color which kind of weirded me out, but I knew that I had to drink it up.
My first sip was not bad at all, it tasted a little bit like honey. It did leave my lips a little oily but it wasn't bad at all especially because it tasted a little like honey.
I took it for three days or four days in a row and took it one day two times so that I can get the maximum effect.
These are my own honest opinions and I have to say that this product really cut my cold in half.
My body no longer ached, my sore throat went away and I just couldn't  believe it. 
I will not lie, I did put on Vicks at night on my throat and my nose but I know that these herbal drops actually did something.
I truly recommend this product! I am truly a believer of this cold remedy and I never had to take any over-the-counter cold medications only my allergy pills. 
I don't know if this worked for me because I was taking my allergy pills along with it and my Vicks, but I do know that I did not feel sick anymore.

Here are the ingredients found in Sprout's Cold Remedy:
My Relief happened in 3-4 days so it may vary..

Now as a vocailst, we have to take it easy on our vocals, try not to scream, and not talk too much.
I tend to do all of these things which is not very good for my throat or my voice, but I can't help it I'm human and sometimes these habits can't be avoided.

Sprouts also sent me Voice Remedy

The taste was not for me but hey its medicine right? so after I ate my meal, I squirted some drops on my tongue unlike the Cold Remedy where I was able to put in water, But Voice Remedy works differently, so I let it sit there and then swallowed. It actually numbed my throat which is good, almost reminded me a little like chloraseptic spray.

Well in reality, Voice Remedy cleared my voice and throat of phlegm. And I when I began to sing an hour later my voice was nice and clear. Although I don't like the taste of it, I will continue to use it because it does work.

Here are some more details on the Voice Remedy by Sprouts Remedies:

Maybe that's why it did not have a pleasant taste Elm Bark, Fennel Seed Horseradish Root, I don't know how it works but it does , definitely Healing With Green:)

Both of these Products can be found on www.sproutsremedies.com