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My Jennifer Bradley Makeover Experience

I'm an aspiring Makeup Artist and Have done quite a few makeovers on my family and friends. What I know is basically self taught and my go to YouTube channels.
So when I decided to purchase a makeover experience for myself, I was estatic. I'm kinda of picky of how others do my makeup sometimes they are on point and at other times I looked too made up which makes me feel weird.

So when I saw that a makeup session was being offered for a low price on living social I decided to buy it for my B-day in December.
I finally redeemed the voucher on Jan. 31 and my makeup Artist was Tamika. She was beautiful, sweet and very detailed on each step she did on my face.

At first she discussed the whole Jennifer Bradley line and who Jennifer was. By the way Jennifer is a renowned makeup artist that has a celebrity a list like Eva Longoria, Shannon Osborne, Pam Anderson among others. I was just excited to be a part of the whole experience.

I did not come to buy anything I just wanted to be made over and get tips.
I did learn a few tips which made the experience worth it. 
I told Tamika give me the works Fake lashes and all! 

I can put lashes on others but struggle with putting them on myself.
Tamika helped me and instructed me on how to place them, it worked but my glue was already tacky and sticky so she ended up applying them.

My eyes were the best feature that were played up. The eyeshadow technique I learned was so cool! All she used was 3 colors but applied my shadow on an angle instead of patting the lids.
Then she filled in my brows naturally with a pencil.

The foundation I found was a bit too much but for pictures it looked good.
She went all out with the bronzer something I normally wouldn't do to myself.
She used a cream cheek color that was beautiful and served as a dual purpose for my lips as well.
And used a highlighter for my cheek bones.

She tightlined my eyes and skipped the top liner which I thought I needed but in reality the Betty Boop half lashes like I call them were totally enough to bring out my eyes.
I was very pleased with this experience and I did learn from it.

With the package I recieved for free the Betty Boop lashes lol and the Jennifer Bradley monster lash 3D mascara which is fabulous. That mascara alone is 28 bucks. 
In total the whole package worth 100 dollars was 17 dollars with a special coupon from living social. 
But now I see it's on sale for 24 bucks. 

This 90 Minute Makeup session has many locations, so if you are interested search Jennifer Bradley on www.livingsocial.com for 24 bucks or visit www.jenniferbradley.com

Oh, here is the before and after at their studio which unfortunaly had bad lighting.
Before and after pics were included so Tamika took them and emailed them to me. 
Unfortunately, she took the pics so close I kind of flinched and look scared in the before one lol
But oh well the finished product made me happy!

Then I decided to take selfies at home under better lighting! 

And made this one my FB profile pic in black and white. Lol

Here's the beautiful Tamika:)


  1. Gorgeous! I will look and see if they have any locations near me. I've never had a makeup artist apply my makeup before. Sounds like fun!

    1. Hey Brenda! Yes it was so much fun and i needed this pampering experience! Definitely Check your area:)

  2. Looks great! It's subtle which is good because it doesn't look caked on, but beautiful!


  3. Looks great! Love the dewy look on your cheeks

    1. Thanks the highlighter call glow stick in Jennifer Bradley's line:)

  4. OMG You look amazing and Love the b&w photo

  5. Thank you so much for your review. You look gorgeous!

    My foundation was created specifically to be a camera ready product that is weightless, flawless. and looks undetectable. It is all about the prep beforehand and also setting it with our Flawless Photofinish powder.

    Great work, Tamika! Thank you again for your review.

    1. Wow Jennifer thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Such a sweet surprise:) yay Tamika:)

  6. If you are still happy with this particular foundation, please be aware of the exposed FRAUD and be sure to purchase the product from the REAL developer - Kurt Tauss (Make-Up-Central.com). Jennifer has been purchasing THEIR foundation for many years and calling it HER creation and HER formulation. Kurt and his wife, Cathy, were only made aware of this very recently. Jennifer has been exposed as a fraud with 99% of her products that she claims to have "created and formulated HERSELF," but have been revealed to be only "white label" whole formulas with her label applied. One of her newest products (the "Luminous Cooling Balm") that she claims to have "developed with her personal chemist, is listed for $68, but the exact same product can be purchased by other retailers for $16 and you can buy the actual formula from suppliers for $2/bottle in bulk orders !!! That's quite a mark-up !! She has been exposed and is currently in panic mode for her lies, her fraudulent practices, and the bullying and abuse she has demonstrated to multiple former employees who are now coming forward to tell their horror stories, AND toward customers and clients. She does not allow ANY negative comments or reviews on her social media pages or groups and deletes anything remotely negative or critical. If she cannot delete the comments or reviews herself, she bullies and pressures the individual into taking it down, threatening with legal action (FOR EXPRESSING A PERSONAL OPINION !!). She also encourages others go help her gather together and go bully the individual to pressure them to remove the negative review. Numerous people have come forward to show evidence that she pays individuals to post positive reviews and comments on her business page, her social media groups, etc. to maintain her high ratings. After this was discovered and the truth about her was revealed, she immediately removed her ENTIRE REVIEWS section from her social media page to prevent further truths from being revealed. Tons of evidence of her absurd level of fraud and lies has been exposed in several large social media posts on FB. The links are: https://fb.watch/gljgwVipI6/ (and) https://fb.watch/gljihcyWAi/


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