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Orange Glad Sweet Box Review

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

I have a tremendous sweet tooth especially for Chocolate so when OrangeGlad sent me one of their Sweet Boxes for review, I was excited to try it, to see my sweet surprise inside and to introduce you, my readers this awesome monthly sweet subscription box for $19.95 and Free shipping.

Each box is curated with Deluxe sized gourmet sweets consisting of any decadent sweets imaginable like Brownies, Fudge, Gourmet Popcorn, Cookies, Lemon Bars, Raspberry Truffles, and the list goes on and on. All these tasty deletable yummies come from different vendors and bakeries and each come with an expiration date.

When my sweet box came in, I had not eaten breakfast yet so I was hungry. It was wrapped and packaged tightly in a priority bubble envelope that it took a while to open. I was struggling to open it but finally this cute brown box appeared. 
I took a pic for you then I turned it around and took another pic for you. lol
But I couldn't resist, I opened the box and saw confetti with a little jar and another box. 

I was so curious I mean wouldn't you? I thought the jar contained jam or something so I was like ok that's nice but when I read the lid it said "We're Mint to be Fudge" mmmm. I never tasted that. 

 I had my pancakes waiting for me but I continued to open the smaller box inside and to my surprise all these cookies and other sweets were waiting for me.
I couldn't resist, I opened the Moravian Heart Cookies, I took a bite then another until there were all gone. lol 
They tasted like chocolate shortbread cookies. I wanted to keep trying the other goodies but I stopped because I had to eat my pancakes. Plus I remembered I had two kids and hubby who might be wondering why is there an empty box with wrappers and why didn't I save them some.
So I took more pictures for you guys to see and ate my pancakes. lol
Then I dabbed my finger in the mint fudge, Oh it tasted awesome especially for this chocolate lover.

Of course I will be trying the rest of my sweets along with my family but I am really pleased with my Sweet Box from OrangeGlad.
I have included the postcard below that says what I got in mine and their expiration dates and the vendor's name. They also list their ingredients in each item they send, all this is printed on the postcard.

Orangeglad gives you the option of buying their other sweets like a cookie box, nibblers, 5" inch cakes among others or you can just shop by choosing from their deserts category incase you are not ready to subscribe, all With Free Shipping! 
OrangeGlad is a one stop Gourmet Market place and their sweet boxes or deserts makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Stop by their website at www.orangeglad.com 
I also see that when you log into their site a 15% off coupon appears for new customers and if you register with them they have a $5 Dollar Referral program,. That's a sweet indeed! 

OrangeGlad can be found on these social media sites

Here are more pics from my February OrangeGlad Sweet Box