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Adovia Dead Sea Mud Review

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

11 pounds of dead sea mud from Israel? 
You read right! 11 whopping pounds of dead sea mud from Israel straight to my front door for reviewing and testing purposes from the company called Adovia.

Because there was so much mud in an 11 pound container, I decided to transfer some into little jars and some plastic zip lock bags.

I recently reviewed Dead Sea Mud from a different company and of course it wasn't 11 pounds worth of it but I got to try it for the first time.

That particular mud left a tingling prickly sensation while the mask was drying on my face, so I didn't want to keep it on for too long but I did leave it on for 15 minutes.

The texture in the Adovia mud mask is creamier then the other mud mask I had previously tried on.

I felt no tingling or prickling whatsoever with the Adovia mud mask.
With the other one, after application, I had to put moisturizer on to get some of the redness down. Although it left my skin soft.

But the experience that I just received with this mud mask from the Adovia was beyond my expectations. My face had no redness and it was baby bottom soft if you know what I mean. Lol 
All I can say was wow! I did apply my coconut oil afterwards because that is my routine but in reality after the mask I did not need moisturizing. It felt incredible I couldn't stop touching my face. 
Next on the list with this mud is my neck and legs and a little goes on a long way and it's so easy to rinse off with warm water.

Here is a description directly from the company:

110% Pure and Unprocessed Dead Sea Mud from Israel - No Fragrances, ZERO additives - TOTALLY PURE
Used in Top Spas for Body Mud Wrap Detox, Slimming and Skin Care TreatmentsAdovia Cosmetic Grade Dead Sea Mud Has a 1 Year Shelf Life After PurchaseAdovia Bulk Dead Sea Mud is used in Many Skin Care Formulations and DIY products including Body Mud, Soap, Slimming Wraps, Facial Mud Masks and much more!

I can't wait to try the much more part, my legs and neck are going to be the softest legs in the world! Well, in my world at least lol

In the pic below I transferred some Adovia Mud to a 4 oz jar and used one of my flat concealer brushes and a white face towel.
I prefer the brush method because using your fingers can get messy. 
Also the brush wiped squeaky clean after I used it. But I think I'm keeping this brush just for my Adovia.

For my application method I placed 4 dots on my face and spread the mud with the brush all over making no contact with the eyes.
Once you apply it your face it will be muddy and wet so allow it to dry.

When completely dry, the mask turns into a lighter gray and becomes hardened. So no jokes allowed or your face will crack lol

I waited 15 minutes and like I said before no prickling tingling or burning sensation on this face.
The results are baby amazing skin:) 

I even let my mother in law and her sister in law try it. They loved it and took some home with them and so did my cousin law:)
These opinions are my own and I truly love this Dead Sea Mud from Adovia.
You can find Adovia on Amazon  or at www.cleopatraschoice.com
Don't lose out on this pampering Experience!

Oh yes my lovely cousin in laws got in on the pampering experience:)