Xtava Diffuser Review

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

This Diffuser is huge! I connected it to the Xtava allure hairdryer and I wasn't sure if I was suppose to slide it all the way down but I guess the placement didn't matter. I towel dried my hair and put the dryer on the first heat setting and took parts of my hair and placed it in the diffuser. I turned my head upside down and put my whole hair in as well. It took a while to dry but it did a great job at volumizing and catching my natural wave. I also noticed the rubber part was hot after using it but not the bottom prongs.

The next time I use it I will put mousse or gel so the wave can hold better. I also like that the diffuser comes in 2 other colors and that it collapses for easy storage. 
I keep my hairdryer in the box it came with and now the collapsible diffuser as well. Here is a collage of the Xtava diffuser and my results! The Collapsible Xtava Diffuser can be purchased for $12.00  on Amazon 


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  2. I love my xtava hair dryer. I did not get the diffuser for mine but it looks very cool. Your hair is cute!!


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