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The Xtava 7 piece Brush Set And A Beauty Look

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

In my previous posts, I introduced the company Xtava which specializes in hair care appliances such as curling irons, hair dryers, diffusers and flat irons.
But they also carry makeup brushes and sell them either a piece or in sets and from the look of their site they will be launching cosmetics as well on www.xtava.com.

I was given their 7 piece brush set to review so let's get started.

The brushes come in a soft black case with slots and a cover flap to secure and protect them. It also has a pocket with a zipper to hold some essential items and the case closes with two magnetic clasp buttons. 

Now, for the star of the show, the Xtava brushes. 
The wooden barrels are imprinted with the Xtava logo and the brushes are blended with natural and synthetic bristles.

This set includes:
A big face powder brush which leaked a black dye when I washed it, had a funny smell but went away when the brush air dried. But,it felt great on my skin as I used it with my mineral powder.

The second brush is a Contour brush which is very dense but soft and I used it for my concealer application and buffed it in circles.

The third brush is a Blending brush which I used as a Crease brush and although this brush blends well and applies shadow well it's not a soft brush.
This brush was not what I expected it was scratchy and harsh.

The fourth brush is the Eyeshadow brush which is fluffy and soft and applied the shadow well and it actually did a great job of blending when using the top bristles of it. 

The fifth brush is a Foundation brush which is very soft and I used it for my concealer to fix my eyeshadow.

The sixth brush an angle brush that can be used for eyeliner and for eyebrows. This brush had the right amount of density and I used it for applying shadow on my lower lash line.

The seventh and final brush in the Xtava set is the Lip brush.
This brush is soft and comes in two pieces and once you connect them together the lip brush pops up. 
It's really cool almost like a pen or mechanical pencil.

I put all these brushes to the test and I have to say I like them expect the blending brush because of it's harsh and scratchy bristles. 

But, for the price of 20 bucks on Amazon, this set is definately worth it especially if you are a beginner in makeup or don't want too spend too much on a brush set.

Hopefully, the Xtava Blending brush will get softer as time passes and with washes but I have no certainty of it.

I created the look below using all the brushes and products seen in this post.
I also used a black kohl liner and mascara.  
It was actually my Easter Look:) 

By the way, I hope you enjoyed your Easter!


  1. These brushes look very high end. I really love the way you do your make-up. It looks both flattering but not over done.

    1. Thanks so much Kim 😊 as for the brushes they are great for the price I'm just not feeling the blending brush lol well I did it was harsh


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