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Essence Cosmetics: All About Paradise Eyeshadow Palette And Beauty Look

I went to Ulta yesterday in search of a yellow eyeshadow from Essence Cosmectics from the limited edition Beach Cruisers line. 
I searched where the Essence stuff usually is but the display was no longer there, Ulta had moved it.
So, I thought Ulta discontinued Essence Cosmetics so I went on a hunt for the yellow shadow in the Nyx Brand and unfortunately they were all sold out.

I was bummed because the only yellow shadows I saw were from Loreal and Maybelline but they were quite pricey.
And the palette they were in, well none of the colors called my attention.

I decided to keep looking around and I finally saw the Essence Display mixed with other displays. I was so happy but no Beach Cruisers were present, so now I'm thinking it was only for Canada and over seas. 

No biggie because I saw and picked up this pallete in the picture below called "All About Paradise".

I was so thrilled to see a bright Yellow, then Hot Pink, then that Sparkly Blue, Oh My. 

I actually picked up two palettes from Essence this one and another called "All About Candies". I'll have a review on that one soon.
These palettes are made in Poland, so I'm guessing Essence Cosmetics are imported from overseas and distributed in the USA which is really cool.
This is the site that's on the label of their products www.essence.eu where you can see all their products for the different countries they supply including ours.

I also see they have a variation of the "All About Series" on their site.
Unfortunately, at my Ulta only a few were available but again I was in search of a yellow shadow and I found it.
So far, I own a lipstick and a purple shadow from Essence Cosmetics which I'm very pleased with but I never purchased a palette until now.

Are you ready to get on with the swatches for these 6 Beautiful Tropical/ Rainbow Colored shadows?

These swatches are without primer yet they are very pigmented. 
The texture of these shadows are very silky and buttery except the teal and the blue, they are a little hard but still are very beautiful and pigmented. 

Here are the colorful beauties with primer.
These would also look fabulous foiled as well.
The shadows are all shimmery with a metallic like sheen and the blue has specks of glitter, so over all this $4.99 palette packs a punch on pigmentation and quality and price.

Here's a colorful look I did using all the colors from my very first Essence Cosmetics eyeshadow Palette.
This palette is totally beautiful and totally worth it! It's great for Spring and Summer  or for whenever you want to add on pops of color in your eyeshadow looks. 


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