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How To Travel With Your Favorite Perfume: Introducing The Scented Travel Stick

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price

The sweet fragrance of Amarige de Givenchy is my all time favorite. I have owned this bottle for a decade and it's still almost brand-new only because I had finished one years ago and I own many other perfumes.

The Perfume bottle is beautiful but it is not a bottle that I would travel with because it is big, made out of glass and it might shatter and then my perfume would be lost.
But now thanks to Travel Scented Stick my favorite Fragrance is made portable.
This cool adorable little refillable atomizer will store your favorite scent and can be carried anywhere for your traveling convenience.
This Scented Travel Stick reminds me of the Travalo but I don't own one, I own this one.

Get ready for images and steps on how to use the Scented Stick if you have not heard of it or used it before.

First Step:
Take off the spritzer of the perfume bottle, leaving you only with the little stick.
Then pop off the cover of the Scented Travel Stick and leave the plastic one on.

Then take the bottom of the Scented Travel Stick and place it on the little stick of the perfume.

Pump up and down repeatedly until the Scented Stick is filled.

There you have it! It is so easy to do and it's worth not buying a miniature version of perfume thats costs more and you can always refill when the Scented Travel Stick runs out. 
Which, thankfully I found my old miniature version of Amarige but the spritzer got lost so now I can take what's left from the little bottle first instead of the bigger one and store it in the Scented Stick.
So, if you have perfume that the spritzer has gone missing for unknown reasons lol , then the Scented Stick will save your perfume.

Here's the miniature version :) 

But I used the big bottle for this review.

Oh yes! The company prefers you to keep using the same fragrance because it's not that very easy to clean but the Scented Travel Stick claims to hold at least 50 sprays.

The Scented Travel Stick is also the size of a lipstick therefore, it's very portable and you can carry it in your pocket, purse, carry on bag for the TSA accepted guidelines, or just  for your regular every day use.
I truly like the Scented Travel Stick and it comes in various colors and retails for $11.00 bucks on Amazon.


  1. What a super cool idea! I didn't know there was such a thing!

    1. It's really great to have! I'm glad I was able to introduce you to this cool contraptionšŸ˜€


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