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Kiss True Volume Lashes In Chic And My First Time Applying Them The Right Way

Wearing Falsies is not my thing. Why?
Two reasons, one, I have long lashes so thankfully I don't need them and two because I struggle putting them on.
 I can put them on others but when it comes to me they never stay in place, the inner corners are a hassle and I get frustrated and give up.

Well, I recently went grocery shopping and the Kiss lashes were on sale for $2.50 with a coupon. I have many lashes at home because I do other people's makeup as a hobby at times, so I invested in the elf lashes and a big pack I purchased on EBay that contains natural lashes.
This is what the pack looks like ...

Any way these Kiss Lashes come in a variety of styles and the one I chose was called Chic. They are beautiful long and natural looking lashes that give a volumized effect. 
I bought these for myself because I wanted to attempt one more time putting them on myself maybe it was the brand. But I came to a conclusion it wasn't the brand or the glue. It was me because I struggled and I wasn't using the right method that suited me. I have only used lashes 2 times for my music video and for the Jennifer Bradley makeover I got in December, those lashes were Demi but looked great.

These particular Kiss Lashes come with a pigmented creamy black liner. The liner is intense and I had to take it off with remover which is a plus.

Ok, so now for my Expierince at putting these cuties on. I recently saw Sineady from the Makeup Chair on a youtube video on how she used an angle eyeliner brush to dab on the glue and line the upper lashline then apply the falsies. It worked like a charm on her so I tried it.
I used the Kiss Clear Strip Adhesive glue and an Essence Cosmetics angle brush I bought at Ulta.

My first result was not good because I realized the lashes were too long for me
So below was the crazy look. Lol
Good thing the angled brush method did work.
All I did was put some of the glue on my hand and dipped the brush in it and ran it across my lashline.
Be warned! The following pics are to pay focus on the eyelashes not my liner, freckles or no eyemakeup lol
Ok let's move on…
Oh and yes the glue didn't want to come off my hand so next time I'll place it on a card or something else.

First Attempt: Boo! too long on outer corner

Ok Here's the second attempt after I trimmed the lashes. Awesome, I think!
I did it!
I was so happy and felt so accomplished. All I did was one eye just for practice and to use for this post.

I used the liner that came with the Kiss lashes after applying the lashes then went over with some black shadow.
Again it's not a good liner look because I just ran it across the strip of the lash in a hurry. But I feel very confident now more than ever with applying lashes on myself.
I think I will continue to practice and use them on special occasions.

To my surprise taking them off was easy, I just found a little lash being the false one and pulled it out. Of course I was careful because I didn't want to take out my own lashes but next time I'll use remover.

So Because I want to keep these lashes a little while longer for a couple of more uses, I chose to clean them with an oil free makeup remover on a cotton swab and run it across the strip.
I laid them to dry and they were ready to get reapplied.

I was so happy with my accomplishment that I definitely plan to buy more falsies, especially at that sale price:)
And this method of using a an angled brush with glue might not be the traditional way of applying falsies but for me it is the right way and the best way. My results proved it be:)