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Red Brick Candle Review

Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

Lately, I have been burning candles in my home and I love it! It gives me a sense of warmth and coziness and it fills the room with pleasant aromas. 

 I want to introduce you to a candle company called Red Brick Candle. When I was asked to review this candle they gave me only one option and that was to review their Vanilla Maple scent.
Of course this would not be my first choice because they have other scents that seem to be more aromatic like Lilac and Cinnamon Bark but then again Cinnamon Bark would probably not be pleasant so I'm actually glad that I received the Vanilla Maple. lol But yes they have other scents as well.

Ok!  Lets Review this Candle. The packaging is beautiful see the pic below? 

When you open the box, the 10.9 oz soy candle is nicely packed with a dust cover on it and it comes with complimentary matches in a cute little red box with their logo. I thought that was sweet and thoughtful and to me that added a personalized touch! 

Now for the jar, isn't she pretty? On the jar it reads Loft No.1 making this a collection with their other scents making  Vanilla Maple is No.1. of the collection. 
On the dust cover there's a welcome message on it also giving 15% off the next order. Not only that they also donate ten percent of the proceeds to a Campaign called "Light Up The  World" helping to  urban revitalization and community development. 

Not only are they thoughtful by giving matches with every candle order but they also give you a promo to save on your next order and they give back to charity. For me this company stands out! 
They are creative, very detailed and put a lot of thought, heart and care in their product and embrace their consumers and communities.

Now for the Aroma of this Candle, It smells amazing almost  like syrup mixed with vanilla. 
Right away I think of pancakes mmm. I also imagine my self sitting by a fireplace at a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Why Vermont? maybe because of the Maple Syrup. lol 
All I know After 3 hours of burning this candle my living room smells fantastic! 
The candle comes with instructions so I made sure I followed them in order to receive the maximum experience. It definitely does make me feel warm and cozy.  And it looks great where you set it and it glows so beautifully and gives you an even burn of 75-80 hours. That's a lot of Scent:) Here are some glowing pics of the Red Brick Candle in Vanilla Maple. It retails for $28 dollars on Amazon or you can buy directly from their website.