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Aesthetica Contour Makeup Brushes

Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

I was so excited to try out these contour brushes from Aesthetica so when I was asked to review them I did not think twice lol

So for starters,
I do not contour every day but I do a little contouring here and there shh lol. Ok definately not like the Kim K infamous contour.  I feel I don't need it and also because that's a little over board for me.

The places I usually contour are the hollow of my cheeks and nose. And I highlight my cheek bones, my nose, my cuspid's bow and my brows. 
I guess I highlight more than I contour lol
None the less I used these brushes for both contouring and highlighting.

Here are the 4 soft beautiful brushes in this kit.
The below description comes from the company

These brushes are non-porous, synthetic talon and 100% cruelty-free! 

In the Kit:
1 large domed blending brush, which delivers an even, all-over dusting of powder, creating a great base for your look.
1 small domed contour brush, used to create finer contouring lines on the nose, lips and eyes. It delivers just enough color and smoothly blends contour colors in the face. 
1 angled contour blusher brush, which provides better control during mapping so that you can apply makeup along your jawline, below your cheekbones and at the contouring angles of your face. 
1 flat highlighting and blending brush, which is amazing for blending in contour and highlighting shades into your base make up. 

 I did not use cream products for this beauty look  although these brushes can be used with powders or creams.

The products I used to contour was a Wet N Wild bronzer and for the highlight were the Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou- Manizer.

It's nice that they detailed what each brush is good for but again it's up to you how to choose what brush is suited for your needs.

For instance, I used The smaller brush in the kit as an eyeshadow brush too and used a Pacifica eyeshadow to highlight my browbone.

In the collages below I'm doing some contouring and highlighting then you will see the finished product. The make up was done very natural and so was the contouring and highlighting.

I used the flat brush to swirl in my foundation (Pur Minerals)
I used the Bronzer to contour my cheeks and highlighted on the top of my cheekbones all using the Angled Brush
On my nose I used the bronzer and small brush on the sides and tip of it
Then I highlighted the center on my nose with the Mary Lou- Manizer with the same brush

Believe it or not with the large domed brush I blended the contouring on the sides of my nose

I used all 4 Aesthetica Brushes for this look, I might have used the brushes for different uses but hey if you are the artist you have the right to choose your painting brushes and you choose how you want to create with them:)

Voila! Slimmer nose and higher cheek bones and higher browbone:)

If you are wondering about the bright pink lip color, it's by Maybelline Fuchsia
Flash! and My Brows are from Billion Dollar Brows
And of Course the Aesthetica Brushes, which can also be purchased for $23.95 on Amazon