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Piczzle Photo Puzzle And Giveaway!

Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

Today's post is one that is close to my heart and my little boys heart.
At the age of 3 my little boy loved to assemble puzzles. He first started with small puzzles then worked his way up doing the 24 pieces one. All at the age of 4! 

I was impressed since day one because I'm no good at assembling puzzles and he was simply a natural.

So I would buy him puzzles and just watch him do them with determination passion and speed.

He is now 7 and still likes to do puzzles.

So when agreed to review this awesome puzzle company called Piczzle I was estatic because I wanted to see my little guys reaction. 

I wanted to surprise him with his face on the Piczzle puzzle of him doing his puzzle at such a tender age. I also told him there was a surprise coming in the mail for him but he insisted on knowing so I played a Task Game. The rules were that for each task he would do,he will get a letter. 
So kind of like hangman:)

But my boy is smart he was up to Picz, he went to the computer and typed in the search and found it! He Found the Piczzle puzzle site. I had to laugh but he didn't know he was going to be on the puzzle:)

The piczzle puzzle site is very easy to navigate and gives you many options on shapes, sizes, prices, shipping and on what puzzles you may like by using your own personal picture either on cardboard or a wooden one. And all orders ship with a keepsake box if you choose to put your puzzle away or put it on a table as a conversation piece.

My 6 piece 8 x 10 puzzle came out beautiful! The Cardboard was not flimsy at all and the photograph was printed with high quality ink and my little guys expression was priceless!

You can get your very own personalized photo puzzle here at www.piczzle.com and it makes a unique gift to share with the ones you love by turning your cherished pictures into puzzles.

Piczzle Photo Puzzles are on Facebook
Piczzle Photo Puzzles are on YouTube 

Ready for a Giveaway ? 

Now you too can win a small cardboard size Piczzle Photo puzzle! 

Rules to enter:
Must comment on this post , what is your favorite puzzle that you saw in the Pizzle Gallery 
one winner will be chosen by Random.Org on January 13  :) and Announced Here! 

And the Winner is Royene Bozek congrats Doll:)

If you didn't win that's ok heres a coupon code to get 21% percent off
Coupon code: ColorWheelGallery21
21% discount on all prices.
Valid until: SundayJanuary-18, 201523:59


  1. Boo it tells me page not found but I like this one for sure. He looks like he had fun and is a very bright little boy. :)

  2. I clicked and it said page not found. But I bet my 5 year old daughter would love this puzzle with a picture of her dressed as Elsa on it

  3. I like the giraffe one :)

  4. The round puzzles are fun and different!

  5. I looked thru the pics of all the puzzles on their facebook page & they are all super cool but I love the one of your little boy working a puzzle the best! Great Product! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. I like the guess who is going to disneyland one best.

  7. My favorite in the gallery was probably the little baby in pink, the bright colors just really caught my eye!

  8. I like the Disneyland one also.

  9. I have to say this one... that was pure joy on his face and that was awesome!

  10. I love yours of course, but out of the album I love the 2 hands forming a heart.

    1. You Won Doll! congrats:) please contact the colorwhelgallery@gmail.com with your name email and shipping address :)

  11. Looks like he enjoyed doing them fantastic puzzles the smile is priceless

  12. My favorite is the 3 giraffes or the dog with the stuffed giraffe.

  13. My favorite is the white dog that looks like an alpaca/llama.


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