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Ozeri Salt & Pepper Fresko Duo Grinder Review and My Chicken Recipe

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes 

In the lifestyle section of my blog I chose to bring you a recipe using the Ozeri Salt & Pepper Fresko Duo Grinder  I received for testing purposes.

I love to cook especially when it's concocting new recipes. 
My main ingredient I use to cook with was Adobo from Goya but it contained MSG. So I opted for black peppercorn and salt as my go to spices for my rice and my meats.

Before testing the Ozeri salt and pepper shaker grinder, I was buying the McCormick grinders which were convenient to use but getting pricey. 

So now with the Ozeri salt & pepper grinder I can buy a big container of salt and pepper corn and reuse it over and over again. 

It's not that easy to disassemble though my hubby had to help by detaching the middle chamber so that I can fill it with the salt and pepper. The instructions come with it but still it was a bit hard.

But once you assemble everything and add your spices in it, it pours out so nice and finely milled. Almost like a sprinkling waterfall. I really can't describe it but it just reminds me of a waterfall effect.

So, besides it's a bit troublesome to assemble, the after effect of how the spices come out are really great!

The Ozeri Salt and Pepper Fresko Duo Grinder can be purchased on Amazon and viewed on

Now to my quick Chicken Tyme Burrito

Ok, I have never used the spice Tyme but since receiving it in my influenster box last month I have been trying it out. And So far delish in my rice with beans. 

Now for the recipe for the Chicken Tyme Burrito...

This recipe is a serving for four.
The ingredients:
3 boiled chicken breasts
Salt and pepper
Half of a small red onion sliced
2 capfuls of Goya mojo
Olive oil
Sazon Goya
Avocado or guacamole
Shredded Mexican cheese
And for this particular burrito I added white rice and some pink beans cooked of course:) but it's not 

Step one boil chicken breasts
Wait till the chicken breasts cool a bit 
Then transfer to a bowl
Then shred it to your preference or you can just smash it up in pieces

Next take a pan and drizzle olive oil on it and wait til it gets hot and sautee the red onion

Step two add salt and pepper and of course I used the Ozeri salt and pepper grinder

Step three sprinkle on some Tyme

Step four sprinkle on some oregano
And the packet of Sazon Goya
And step 5 pour in 2 capfuls of Goya Mojo

After all the ingredients have been sprinkled on the chicken, just mix the chicken around and then transfer it over to the hot pan with the onions. And since the chicken is already cooked because it had been boiled , you are just letting it marinate there and warming it up.

And voilà your chicken is done and seasoned to perfection.

Now for the fun part assembling the burrito all you do is get a grill pan or just a regular pan and put a big flour tortilla on there or a flat wrap, whatever you prefer then you spread the guacamole on it, the tomatoes, the chicken and the shredded cheese. 
Once all those ingredients are on the tortilla or flat wrap all you do now is just fold over the tortilla into a burrito with the corners tucked in and I'm sure you can Google how to do that or you can just flip it over to one side and let it get a brown just a little bit with the little grill marks and then flip it back over and just wait until everything in there gets nice and warm and the cheese is melted. Mmm

And there you have it a chicken Tyme burrito and the reason why I named it that, it's because I did use the Tyme spice which I have never used on chicken before and from now on I will be using it on my chicken, in my rice and whatever else I cook or concoct that needs spices.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe and if you do try it please leave comments and or questions below :)
Here's the Ozeri Grinder in Action! Oh I added a double tortilla for extra goodness:)