Flawless Faces By Lorez Troy

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for testing and reviewing purposes.

This duo brush and sponge set is really neat! I like that the sponge can be used in the small and narrow spaces around the eyes and nose area  because of it's pointed tip and the brush is really nice, fluffy and soft. 
I did have a problem though with the handle where the synthetic brush is attached to, it got loose while applying my blush. :( 
But, I did manage to glue it back together and once everything was intact the brush worked really well. 
Plus, when I contacted the company about the issue, they sent me another one with one of their other products.

In the pic below, you will see me using the sponge side for my concealer and the brush side for my blush and bronzer and then my finished makeup look. 
This is a pretty cool interesting concept especially if you don't want to travel with too many brushes, you get 2 in one.

Flawless Faces is easy to clean, and it reminds me of the Beauty Blender because when you wet the sponge it expands and reacts the same way, but in no way does this compare to the Beauty Blender or other dupes but it does work well and blends concealer and other makeup products with ease and gives a nice streak-free flawless finish. 

You can find this neat little tool on Amazon for $14.97, personally it's a little pricey for me but everyone is entitled to their budget.


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    1. It's a cool concept and its backed up 100 percent guarantee by the company so that's nice if another handle gets loose lol


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