Nsstarr iPhone Bling Cell Phone Case Review

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It's nice that you can have many options to house your cell phone these days .
You can choose from soft cases, hard cases,gel cases and now even little wallets.
Like this beautiful case from Nsstar it's a nice black wallet with a cute snap- on magnetic gold buckle latch with little rhinestones on it.
When you open the wallet you will see a gold mirror like base too, to house your cell phone and this particular case is for my iPhone 5 so it fits great! This case is very sleek in design and it has little specs of crystals or glitter  on it. The material is more like cardboard with a rubber feel to it but it's really beautifully designed although if you're not careful sliding your phone out, the glue or adhesive behind the gold base tends to be a little weak. I would say that would be the only downfall to this case. But It looks very chic ,very fashionable, and very stylish and it's an eye catcher for sure! I also really like that it has little slits in the front of the flap for at least 2 credit cards and it can stand when you pull the buckle flap under . 
This beautiful iPhone 5 / 5C cell phone comes in many colors and you can find it Amazon for $9.99

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