Bellangé 10 Piece Kabuki Brush Review

Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price 

If you like Kabuki Brushes then you are in for a treat!
I am very excited to show you this beautiful 10 piece set from Bellangé.
These 10 Synthetic brushes are super soft and they pack on product very well.
I used 6 of these brushes to create a simple makeup look and they worked great!
Each brush is labeled on the barrel to indicate what each of the brushes can be used for. I say can because again we are the artist so we can paint and color with what we please and how we choose to paint or color with.

Here is what you get in this beautiful set:

-Mini-Perfect Precision Brush
-Precision Concealer Brush
-Precision Primer & Shadow Brush
-Perfection Contouring Brush
-Precision Contouring Brush 
-Perfect Precision Brush
-Beautiful Blush & Bronzer Brush
-Fierce Foundation & Powder Brush
-Flawless Foundation Brush
-Magic Mineral Blending Brush

The only minor issue in this set is that it doesn't bring a flat shader eyeshadow brush because the primer and shadow brush it comes with is great as a blending eyeshadow brush but too big for a shader brush. 
Other than that, these brushes dry quickly overnight and there is no shedding at all.

Here are the ones I used in this set:

And the look I created with them:)
A simple daytime look with slight contouring on the nose and cheeks using all powder products except for my creamy concealer.

The Bellangé can be purchased on Amazon for 15 bucks with prime.

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