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Waffle Iron Recipes, Hacks and More!

I'm trying the art and culinary expierience of waffle Iron cooking, I think I'm hooked and not just for my Belgian waffles 😂 which I made this morning out of raspberries and banannas.
I searched for recipes and hacks on YouTube and today I bought a kindle book called Will it Waffle? by Daniel Shumski. 

So, here are some of the hacks and the ingrediants I liked and used.
Here's a hack for mash potatoes converted into waffle fries done in my rotating waffle iron.
Cooking spray is a must for some or most of the recipes unless your waffle iron does not need it.

I used instant mash potato mix but real mash is better of course!
Then I scoop them in a small cookie scooper and place 4 scoops of mash potato in each well in the iron. Make them as you're doing regular waffles and keep an eye out for them so they do not burn.
The results are brown and crispy on the outside and mushy goodness on the inside. You can pair it with gravy, cheese, ketchup, you know what you like:)

Feast your eyes:)

On the same day I did a lemon pepper breaded chicken breast! Yes! in the waffle iron 😎 

Mallot the heck out of a chicken breast then season with lemon pepper then dip in egg or milk then bread crumbs
Place on pre sprayed waffle iron then check on it till it's golden brown and juicy and tender on the inside. Mmm...so delish with my waffle iron fries and a side of veggies.

Here's the Lemon Pepper breaded Chicken...

Now I did have to drink something or else I'll be parched lol, passion fruit in Spanish is Parcha or Maracuya.
This juice is home made and home grown from our front yard vine that took a year to blossom from this beautiful flower to the famous passion fruit.
I have never tasted fresh passion fruit juice (parcha), just add the pulp from the fruit in a glass of water let it seep and add sugar and it's done. It tastes pure and delicious!

Then for desert I had a waffle cone LOL
This one was store bought :)
An Edys double chocolate fudge brownie light ice cream with sliced bananas mmmm

Have you done waffle ironing before? If so feel free to share your waffle iron hacks and recipes in the comments below...


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