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Waffle Iron Churros, Hush Puppies and More

Waffles! waffles in all forms!
Yummy, that is if you like waffles or waffle marks on your food. I like grille marks on my food so with waffle marks on mine I'm ok. 

Today's post is a continuation of last post  
But with new hacks and if I keep trying more I'll keep posting more. Why? Because it introduces us to the world of waffle culinary arts or another way to cook foods we never knew we could could in a waffle iron.

So let's get started! The first one on this post is waffles Churros. Oh yeah! I found this easy recipe on YouTube.
These Churros are delisocio mmm. (Delish)
I have seen them prepared differently where you baking powder is added, butter excetera, but this recipe has less ingrediants and still tastes Muy Bueno.

Cooking spray
1 cup of all purpose flour
1 cup of boiling water
1pinch of salt
I added a dash of vanilla extract for a more sweeter effect but in the video it was not used.

Mix all the ingrediants together with a mixer or a fork to form a dough paste then scoop a tablespoon and add in each well of the waffle iron.
My waffle iron is a rotating one so I can do 4 scoops but you know your waffle iron and how much dough to put on it.
After all the scoops are on, then close the iron and rotate like a waffle, unless you have a different one then time it while it's shut.
Just keep watching it until it gets golden brown and does not burn.

The final result are golden waffle Churros.
For the finishing touch, I mixed together cinnamon and white sugar and dipped them in to give it that street fair and traditional appeal.

Feast your eyes! I added raspberries and confectionary sugar for a prettier plate but I also thought to myself to incorporate them in the dough for nextime. 

These smaller ones pictured were for my daughter and they weren't that crunchy but I prefer them like this for next time.

On to the next waffle iron hack:
Waffle Iron Hush Puppies

I was just testing because I couldn't find online if this hack would work so I tried it myself and Voila! Frozen Hush Puppies were converted. LOL
There was no baking or frying required.
They came out toasty on the outside and fluffy and good on the inside.
I was excited! Because they came out so good.

Place frozen Hush Puppies on the Iron and watch them so they don't burn.

The final recipe for today's post is Waffled Honey Dijon Tofu. Ooh, it's getting fancy LOL

Cooking Spray
Firm Tofu
All purpose flour

Preparation for the Honey Dijon mustard sauce:
Note, you can buy it prepared or make it at home. 
Mix 1 tsp of mayo into 1tsp of yellow mustard and combine. Then add two drizzles of honey and voila you have your own sauce.
This is perfect for 4 slices of tofu.
For the tofu,take it out of package and pat dry with a paper towel to let out the moisture then transfer to a flat dish.

Set out the salt and pepper, flour and sauce.
Sprinkle the tofu with salt and pepper on both sides.
Brush on the sauce on both sides and then dip it in the flour.
Place on waffle iron and keep an eye out so it doesn't burn.

The results were so good, I do not eat tofu but I tasted it and it was good in flavor. Maybe one day ill try to eat it completely but me with different textures can be finicky. But the hubby really liked it.

Thanks for joining me and I hope this post introduced you to something new in the world of waffle ironing and food hacking. LOL

See ya nextime on the Color Wheel Gallery xoxo