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Wet N Wild Fergie Gift Set At Ross Stores

During Mother's Day Weekend I went to a Ross store to purchase my Dress and shoes but I also found the Wet N Wild Fergie Set at the front of the store.
The set retails $5.99 which is a great deal because the total retail value of the kit is worth $15.

The set contains:
The Maldives Sky eyeshadow Palette $4.99
The Fergie Wet Wild Primer For My Primas $4.99
The Fergie Wet N Wild Creme Liner in Little Black Dress $4.99

Let's review the Creme liner:
  • The color is black and it's very pigmented
  • The liner is smudge proof
  • The liner glides on easily
  • it comes with a liner brush

The Primer:
  • The primer was a little oily when I first opened it
  • After I shook it, it worked better
  • When I swatched the primer on my wrist (the little beige dot next to the white shadow) and it let it dry, it crumbled off and it was hard to come off
  • On the lid it worked fine and held the eyeshadow without creasing

The 5 Eyeshadow Palette Maldives Sky:
  • The colors are pigmented
  • The colors are not easy to work with
  • The colors fade while applying them on the lid so you have to keep layering them
  • The shadows are better used over a base and primer
  • The shadows do have fall out and are chalky
  • These are horrible quality shadows 

Here is my shadow look results using Maldives Sky. 

"I hated it lol"

I will never use them together again, they were constantly fading so I had to keep layering them over and over again. I was pretty much frustrated and upset with these shadows considering they are beautiful in color and in pigmentation when swatched, but on the lids it's another story. You can actually see the chalky effect it gives and I look I touched shadows for the first time and didn't know what I was doing. Ugh! not cool:(

But again, this is my opinion how I felt with these shadows and I will never buy it again.

Overall, The items worth value to me is the liner and primer, I actually bought the set for the primer alone but I thought that purple in the palette would be nice too. So that is why I ran with this purchase.

In a rating of 1 out of 10 I give this Fergie Wet n Wild kit a 4.