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Another Way To Remove Your Makeup With Always Off

When it comes to makeup removal, I use my oil free makeup remover for my eyes, then I use my yes to cucumber towelettes and Rose Water to finish cleansing my face.

Well, when I was at Walmart I saw these Always Off Makeup Cloths for $2.97.

I grabbed them because they were at an inexpensive price for 3 cloths and they reminded me of the makeup towel remover circulating with most of the YouTube gurus called the Makeup Eraser that retails for 20 bucks.

I have never tried it so I really can't compare the effectiveness to the Always Off makeup towels.

The Always off are 6" x 12" washable microfiber towels which are soft and pretty in design and can be used wet or dry to assist the removal of your face and eye makeup.

Now to put Always Off to the Test:
I wanted to remove my eye makeup first while the towel was dry. I had lashes on so I needed them off pronto.

The Results when used Always Off Dry:
My lashes fell off and my shadow and liner and brow gel got wiped off clean. 
The only part of the makeup that did not budge was the lash glue. 

Here I am using Always Off when wet:
The results were faster at getting the lashes off ,actually they just flew off and of course all the eye makeup got wiped off, minus the glue. lol

I also tried removing my face makeup while the towel was dry but it was not convincing because I went over with a cotton pad and residue was left behind.

Then I wet it and tried on the other side of my face and the makeup was wiped off. 
But I really didn't care to put the towel on my face since I use my towelettes which are better for me.
And my lipstick came off when the towel was wet as well.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase especially since it was only 3 bucks lol instead of paying 20 bucks. 

These are a great for eye makeup removal wet or dry but it works faster when wet . I'm not a fan of using it wet or dry on my face but others may be. I'll probably use these for my falsies removal , there's no way I'll give up my wet towlettes.
Here are my results below.
If you have these already, do you like them? Or do you use the Makeup Eraser?


  1. great post! i love your blog and instagram page! i think youre absolutely gorgeous and your page is so interesting ☺

  2. aw thanks so much Angie:) I appreciate your kind words, thanks so much :)

  3. I need these. I go through so many makeup wipes and makeup remover.


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