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The Balm Cosmetics Nude Dude And EOTD

In Aprils Ipsy's bag, The Balm Cosmetics was one of the brand samples offered.

I stopped my Ipsy membership months ago but I always like to see their sneak peeks and I'll always be an ipster at heart.
Well, as soon as I saw the sneak peek for the Balm Nude dude palette sample I was like darn, I'm no longer a member.

So, I did research on the palette and saw swatches on IG and was taken by it.

I told my hubby and he said in the summer he would buy it for me , so I was cool with that.

Then on a Tuesday or Thursday morning ipsy let out their ipsy me offers for the palette for only 20 bucks plus free shipping, regular price is $35.

I was so excited I went to ipsy and hit the redeem button but then I forgot I'm no longer an ipster so I probably would not qualify to get it but apparently ipsy saved my profile incase I wanted to resub and Bam! I got the palette.

The Nude Dude really does not have cartoon guys in the nude, the dudes are just shirtless and clothed with white shorts or maybe white towels. Whew! Lol
I still didn't want to show it to my 8 year old daughter. 

The 12 Nude Dude ranges from mattes to metallics and are super pigmented more so over primer. 
It comes with a large mirror which is nice.

Swatchy Time:)
These shadows are silky and buttery and each shadow dude represents their personalites or characters all starting with the letter F, like Fearless, Flawless,Firm, ect.

I found that the right side of the palette is more pigmented maybe because the colors are darker.
It comes with a little brush which I found to be flimsy in quality.

This palette is gorgeous and I'm so happy because this is my first The Balm eyeshadow palette and for 20 bucks even more so:)

Here's an eye look I did with the nude dude and yes I got a little fancy with some falsies. Lol


Primer: Mary Kay
Eye Base and Brow Bowne: Fearless
Lid: Flirty
Crease: Flirty and Funny
Lower Lashline: Funny
Eyeliner: Friendly

Lips: Wet N Wild Megaslicks Lip Stain in Red-dy or Not


  1. I love this pallete. I'm so upset that I didn't buy it when I had the chance. I got the sample from ipsy and I'm obsessed with this. It's this nude looking color but turns out to be this vibrant copper color. It's so pigmented. I love it!!! (btw, I posted this message earlier. for some reason it doesn't show up. so ignore if it posts twice)

  2. Yes! Emily it's a great Palette! I mean I was still willing to pay the 35 bucks for it too:) they have it online or Kohls


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