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If you would like another site to obtain free samples in return for honest feedback on how you rate them, go to

Sample Source allows you test , try and give feedback on each if the samples you select.

I have been with them for months now but they don't ship your box every week or every month but when they do ship you know exactly what you are getting because you get to choose what you like when you qualify for it.

They allow 4 or more samples to be sent out and it could range from food items to toiletries or makeup.

In this sample source box, I chose Natures Path organic pumpkin flax granola, Colgate Optic White tooth paste, Breathe right nose strips, Garnier Frutis shampoo /conditioner pack, Seventh Generation baby wipes pack and coupons.

I think it's a good site and the samples sometimes come in full size. I'm very pleased with this box and it's all free!

Oh, yes the pumpkin flax granola is delishious! I'm a picky eater but I ate the whole bag like if it was popcorn, I didn't even had to add milk. I definitely will be buy me a box.

The tooth paste is great I have used that brand before so I knew that I was going to like it.

Now I just need to try the Garnier, the wipes and the breathe right strips.

Here are the goodies:)

And this pic from Instagram really touched my heart. These are the people that make Sample Source alive and going.

I love that I can see the beautiful faces that work hard to get us our samples. 
God bless them:)

So don't delay sign up at 

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