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New Series Sons of Thunder Redemption on Pureflix.com and Giveaway

I recently saw the latest episode of the new series Sons of Thunder Redemption on Pureflix episode 4 titled “Date Night”.

Jacob Lewis is trying to get things right with his college sweetheart and ex fiancĂ© Sandy. Jacob ruined their wedding because he was a different man in the past, a football player with a promising future until he got injured and was no longer able to play but got hooked on painkillers that led him on the wrong path all the way to the motorcycle club “the devil’s hand". He ended up in jail and brought one of his club members down with him until he did his time. He found Simon a former member of the club there who spoke to him about Jesus and forgiveness. Now Jacob is filled with the Lord although a baby Christian, He is wanting to set his life apart for God but trouble keeps finding him.

In this episode, a young man named Logan who is an incognito member of the club but works at the same ranch as Jacob befriends him only to betray him to try to get him caught by the president of the “devil's hand” named Hammer.

Jacob not knowing about Logan’s plan organizes a special date night for Sandy who is widowed now and asks for her forgiveness and she accepts Him as a friend. The ranch is beautifully lit and the dinner includes one of Sandy’s favorite meals meaning Jacob really loved her but didn’t know how to show it back then. Cooper, Mike's son who is the owner of the Gibson Family Ranch helps Jacob with the special evening. Date night is a success as they both toast wine in cowboy hats as Logan pursues Addison a horse rider, for a date. She knows he's a nomad but is sweet on him and advises him to live for the present, not the future, and ends their date night with a kiss on the cheek from Addison.

After the dinner, Jacob heads back to Mike’s who earlier in the day got thrown off his horse with injuries, to give him back his hat and they end up having a talk on forgiveness because Mike is angry with Ethan, his former “Storm Rider” partner who is wealthy but lives his life by cheating and bribery. Mike almost won the regional championship years ago but Ethan paid off a judge so that Mike would not win so he never forgave him for that, not to mention that Ethan is still crooked and wants to sabotage a rodeo from happening to raise funds to save the ranch. He tries to buy the ranch but Mike rejects it but Ethan bribes an inspector to go to the ranch after the inspection passes Ethan has the inspector make a bogus claim of a 4500 insurance that needs to be paid in order for the rodeo fundraiser event. That fumes Mike even more but Jacob during that talk takes his bible and reads from the book of Ephesians 4:26-28. He does not give the specific chapter or verse but teaches Mike about not sinning in his anger and about forgiving others as Christ forgave us. I would have really wanted for him to specify the verses and chapter but he got to the point and Mike understood it.

Now the bitter-sweet part of the episode is where Logan gets his bike fixed by Jacob as a favor but Jacob finds out from logans VIN number on the bike that it belongs to the club. Now he knows what Logan is really is about and the scene ends.

I saw episode 5 too and it was good, this series is getting more interesting and climactic as it goes on and it's available to watch on www.Pureflix.com every Thursday.

If you are not a subscriber yet, you can go to Pureflix and sign up for a one-week trial for free or you can enter my Giveaway by commenting below, the words "Sons of Thunder" and with an email to reach you at. All entries must be submitted by no later than Saturday, February 12 and I will randomly choose the winner so please leave your email as well so you can be contacted if you have won.

The giveaway is for the USA only and Pureflix will be providing a code for your 3-month subscription.

Happy Entering!

Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a temporary subscription for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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