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Free Gaming on Plays.org

Hello My lovely readers and gamers, today's post is on the site Plays.0rg.

This gaming site has hundreds of free online browser games for all ages from Tom and Jerry to Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Nicolodian, and more. 

Each game has a fictional backstory of the game and a quick tutorial on how to play it with tips and tricks, hints, and strategies on how to play it. They even have a rating scale based on player reviews on each game which includes the design, difficulty level, and how many replays it had plus after you play it, you too can leave your rating.

The games also indicate what audience it's intended for, which some are not suitable for younger children when it contains violent themes. It would have been nice for the game description to specify that right away instead of having to click on it and scroll down to get that info but that’s the way it’s formatted.

Plays.org games can be played on mobile or on a computer but unfortunately on my MAC computer, the games wouldn't play so I used my iPhone and it worked.

It may be because I have my pop-up blocker on so be sure to adjust your settings if you have a MAC as well.  

They also have a section on their home page called “play on players “ where newly added games can be found and a search button to find a game to play. I also like that you can save your favorite games and return to play them on a feature called Add game to your favorites with a little heart icon next to it that can be found under the game's title.

Although these games can be played for free without registering, it has the option to register in which the site allows quick access & allows the games to be saved and players can play the games as a web application in a different window screen making it for a more interactive experience.

These are some of the games I played and some of the games my 14 yr old son and 16 yr old daughter played as well.

I will list a few because this site is jam-packed with games and it will be a huge blog post. LOL.

Games my 14 yr old played and enjoyed were:

Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball’s Gigantic Trivia Quiz

Sites description: This quiz game tests every Gumball super fan’s knowledge with 24 questions on the game’s lore. How well do you know Gumball and his friends?

                  No Duck’s Sky

Sites description:

This is a cute 10-stage level escape game where you play as Duncan the duck who must use his gun both as a weapon and as a means of propulsion. Collect all 10 orbs and bring them to your brother Elliott so you can power up the ship and make your way back to Earth.

Amazing World of Gumball Stellar Odyssey: Space Jump Game

Site description:

This is a jumping game set in space. Join Gumball and his family and friends as they explore a distant galaxy while cosplaying as characters inspired by a certain science fiction saga.

Amazing World of Gumball Water Sons: Physics Puzzle Game 

Site description:

This is a 30-level physics and logic puzzle game where you help Gumball and Darwin keep their friends hydrated. Throw rocks to hit switches or clear a path for water and send water to your friends.

My son suggested maybe adding an all games tab.

Meaning, showing game pictures and titles from A thru Z. 

Games my 16-year-old played and enjoyed were:

Spider-Man Mysterio Rush: Swinging & Flight Game

Site description:

This is a beautiful and challenging swing game based on the Marvel movie. Watch out for metal spinning obstacles, collect coins and buy upgrades.

Virtual Xylophone Instrument for Music Teachers & Students

Site description:

This is a simple online simulation of the musical instrument which is popular in elementary education.

         Lifespan Candle

Site description:

This is a puzzle platforming level escape game where you must use a candle’s flame to burn a path to the level goal. Collect paraffin pills to grow your candle, make strategic use of water to extinguish your flame to save on your candle length, and get to the end of the level goal with a flame to burn your way to the next level.

Tom & Jerry Backyard Hoops Game

Site description: This is a basketball shooting game where you play as Tom. Shoot as many baskets as you can. Hit multiple shots in a row without touching the rim to activate the score bonus. Watch out for moving hoops and Jerry’s dirty tricks.

Virus Attack: Level Splitting Logic Puzzle

Site description:

This is a level-splitting puzzle game that pits you against a horde of viruses. Close off an area of the cell to heal it and kill any germs that get trapped behind it. Repeat the process until enough of the cell is healed that the level is beat.

Here are some that I played:

             Tiny Archer Game

Site description:

This is a simple archery game. Help our merry (if stern-faced) archer practice by adjusting the angle of his bow. Let your aim be true.

Mr. Bean Splash Art Game: Draw, Color & Paint Scenes

Site description:

This game allows Mr. Bean fans to color in 10 different still scenes from the cartoon series. Players can also choose to complete drawing scenes before coloring them in.

Works can be saved, exported, shared, printed, and canvased across Mother Earth to help support the Mr. Bean movement.

Unfortunately, the color palette did not show, so random colors kept popping up without me even knowing what they were. That’s why my painting looks interesting. LoL 

Hopefully, this glitch will be fixed because after you paint or draw you have the option to print it from the mini screen, which is cool.

SpongeBob SquarePants Fiery Tracks of Fury Roller Coaster

Site description:

Fiery Tracks of Fury is a thrilling online rollercoaster game where SpongeBob and Patrick ride the Fiery Fist Of Pain rollercoaster at Glove world.

You can play liberally for free here https://plays.org  or register for free at https://plays.org/register/

Your choice, your game, your favorites easy as 123.