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Easy Homemade Creamy and Yummy Gelato Without Stove or Ice cream machine


Hello my beautiful readers,

If you want to to learn how to make easy creamy and yummy gelato at home then I have an easy recipe for you by just using 2 ingredients as your base with no stove or ice cream machine required.

In my recent post, I had eaten at Bice and for desert I ordered the flourless chocolate cake with vanilla gelato.

Boy, did I reminisce about that cake and gelato. I had to try it at home "veloce". (that's fast in Italian.)

I began by searching for recipes and I came across a youtube video and then I searched for a precise measurement amount and was excited to try it. The results were fantastic and I don't want to buy store bought pint ice cream anymore. LOL.

I did 3 flavors but as long as you have the base, you can mix and add all the flavoring you want. Keep in mind this is not the traditional way of making the Italian Gelato but if you want a shortcut also with great texture and flavor, I'd recommend you give this method a try.

All you need are 2 ingredients, Whipping Cream and Condensed Milk. Oh, Yes!

For the base recipe you need 2 cups of cold whipping cream and 1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk.
For Vanilla Gelato add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the can of condensed milk and mix it in.

Step 1:
Add 2 cups of cold whipping cream in a stand mixer and whip to soft peaks.
Step 2:
Stop the mixer and add the condensed milk and blend to form a stiffer peak. 
Step 3:
Pour gelato into containers and freeze for 6-8 hours
If you plan to add more flavors or toppings be sure to mix it in before freezing.

Simple but sweet, creamy and delicious Vanilla.
I used Nestle Toll House semi sweet chocolate chips in two of my Gelatos as well.
In this one pictured below, I mixed in raspberry preserve and the chocolate chips.
This is how it looked before I put it in the freezer.
After it was ready, it was definitely my favorite flavor.
This is how it looked with only the chocolate chips.

All three flavors are a hit in my book and with this easy recipe you can make it anytime with little time. It's great for gatherings too and of course pairs nicely with cake and I already have in mind which one. 😁

Here's the video link I saw on making this easy gelato.

Stay tuned for more on The Color Wheel Gallery💕