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Kringles For The Holidays

Last year for my birthday, I was able to meet my beautiful FB friend for the first time in Chicago. She came to a gathering my mom and brother surprised me with, not only did they cater from Portillos and my aunt made guava pastries which were yummy, my friend Yesenia brought a huge puff pastry filled with almond paste. This was so delicious but I didn’t know what is was called or where it came from. When I asked her, I thought I heard her say it was Amish, but I still had no clue.

Now fast forward to this year, I was on the hunt for that mouth watering almond pastry thinking it was Amish when all along it was Danish. LOL

Here’s what it is:

 I texted my friend and she said she got it at Trader Joe’s then I found out the name of it. It is a Danish Kringle and it is also made in Racine, Wisconsin.  I called Trader Joe’s and they gave me the wrong date to when it would arrive in their stores and I had to wait the following month which leads up to today, November 18, 2020.

There’s a Traders Joe’s near my church so I went in and had that Ahhh moment. There they were sitting on a table for $7.99. I picked up 3 to share with family and to save one in the freezer for Christmas. Oh Yeah! A Christmas Kringle LOL

 When I got home, I took these photos then had a scrumptious piece. I noticed they are better to eat at room temp or a couple of seconds in the microwave. 

My next serving will be with some hot cocoa on the side. This thing is huge and it can serve up to 12 people depending how you slice it.

I told Yesenia and she now said it looked different when I showed her mine. LOL., hers had almonds on top of the Kringle she brought that day. So as I googled, Target carries them too at a lower price topped with almonds also made in Wisconsin. Oh boy! That will be my next stop to try, But then again I can always sprinkle some almonds on mine. :) 


So my friends, if you want to taste this yummy and decadent pastry this holiday season, you can find it at your local Trader Joe’s and Target, unless you live in Wisconsin where they are made at various bakeries or you can enter to get one free here:

 or make your own with this recipe if you have the time at 

You can also check out the history of the Kringle here:

O&H Danish Bakery

And read more about it here: O&H 

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