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Back To Pink With Brite Organix

Hello my lovely readers, 
As you all know I got my hair chopped off because I didn’t want any more bleach and that included the blonde that came with it from dying my hair pink. I loved pink hair but when it faded it left a not so nice looking blonde.
After the cut, I saw that there was still blonde left so I looked into color shampoos instead of more dye.
I wanted to repurchase the viral color wash that worked great before but 35 bucks to cover a small portion of hair was not worth it so I went to eBay and searched for Overtone pastel pink shampoo but it was just as pricey. As I kept scrolling, I found Brite Organix Make Me Pastel Pink shampoo and conditioner, both for $9 bucks. The bottles were new too.
I did a YouTube and blog search to see what I was purchasing and how to use it.
This is exactly what I needed. Yay!
Brite Organix comes from New Zealand and it is also sold at Ulta for $16.00 a piece. Fortunately, I bought mine from a seller who’s a hairdresser, who purchased for a client and the client had changed her mind.

The results are great! It covered my blond and left a pretty tinge of pink on my gray.
The shampoo label instructs to leave in on wet hair for 3 min, rinse and add the conditioner for 5 min. The only drawback with the shampoo is that it does dry out the hair but after the conditioner it becomes soft again.
You can also use the conditioner dry for ten minutes as well. I followed both ways and I got more pigment by using the conditioner alone.
In the pictures you will see my first attempt but the second attempt was even better. So the more you use it, the more refreshed your color gets. Of course this is temporary for in between coloring or if you have blonde or bleached hair but I opted for no more dye so it serves as a temporary color for me. Which is fine and fun!

 Really Pink
The Shampoo is a bright pink and it gets on your skin and nails but comes off easily in the shower
 The Conditioner is less pigmented yet has more strength
 First wash as directed

 I also liked that my gray got color becase Viral color wash does not take on natural gray

 Then I did a dry conditioner application
which left more pink pigment

Now, for the crazy part of this post. After I did all this to my hair, the next day I went and visited my mother in law's house and my beautiful friend who happens to be a stylist was there. She saw my hair and was honest about how she felt about my latest chop. Boy, I admire her honesty. lol She asked if I wanted to give my hair a better shape so I can have my hair healthy again and hopefully regain my wavy curl pattern. 
I totally said "Yes"! I noticed my waves were not forming and that concerned me because I really do like them. So, I did something I vowed never to do until I was 60.  another Pixie. LOL . She gave me a pixie cut 4 years ago but it was way shorter and since I have a cowlick on my bangs I never got used to it, although it felt good and looked cute from the back of my head. Ha Ha 
Any way I did it, I like it and my hubby taught me how to style it and youtube and pinterest of course will be of further assistance. For now I'm back in Pixie Land but my goal is to try a shorter bob. I'm still using the Brite Organix, It's great.
Welcome to my crazy hair journey!

Brite Organix can be purchased on Ulta or at their stores or on Briteorganix.com.
If you live outside of the USA Brite Organix has a listing of other locations.

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