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Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash

Hello everyone,
Today’s blog post is about a colorposit shampoo called Viral colorwash by Celeb Luxury. 
I ordered mine on Ebay for less because this shampoo retails for 35 bucks in salons and unfortunately it’s not available at Sallys :(

The color I got was in pastel light pink and it is very pigmented and has a citrusy scent.
As you all know from the previous post, I tried the Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink and though it looked vibrant and beautiful the first week, I began to notice it was fading much quicker than my Pravana pink so I wanted to try something different to halt the fading process as much as I could besides the dye in the conditioner method so I purchased the Viral Colorwash. It's pigmented, concentrated and it cleanses and colors your hair at the same time.

This shampoo deposits color on your hair while you are washing it and you determine how long you leave it on to reach the vibrancy you want or you can do quick washes after the other. My first attempt using it, I decided to try it on dry hair and leave it on for 20 to 30 min.
It looked great like an instant dye job and when a week later passed, I decided to use it as a shampoo and did a quick wash for 6 minutes and it worked really well. I will soon try 2 quick washes so it can grab even more. The only thing I did notice is that it does not cover gray or color dark parts of the hair but at least it covered my highlights and made them pink, not pastel but pink and I was totally fine with that. When using this product, I highly suggest after washing your hair to use a conditioner so it won’t dry out your locks. 

This 8.25 oz shampoo is an investment but it really does keep your hair color from fading the more you use it. 
So now there are two options to keep your color from fading, dye in conditioner method or Viral Colorwash while you shampoo your hair.

                                     The lighter dab swatch is Pravana pink mixed in with my conditioner.

These shots are my before with the manic panic in Cotton Candy Pink. You can already see the fade...

Using Viral Colorwash as a dye on dry hair for 20-30 minutes
The results

The roots are coming in LOL The next hair dye I will be trying is Arctic Fox Virgin Pink, hopefully it  will tone down my black roots and grab my white hair.

Here’s the Celeb Luxury website so you can read all about their product line and find the one that works for you. http://www.celebluxury.com/products/#viral