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We All Need R&R

What good is working so hard in life that you can't even take time to also enjoy it? It's not easy being a full time mom homeschooling two beautiful kids ages soon to be 11 and 13. My husband is an architect and has been swamped with non-stop work that even demands weekends from him because of a huge project that has been understaffed. At least, I can take a breather but his line of work is much more stressful and fast paced. Our family definitely needs a vacation but under the circumstances, it's not possible so we decided to take a family outing to Aquatica. We live in Florida, so we might as well enjoy our own back yard. After all, it's considered a vacation destination.

We chose to go early in the morning and arrived at 9 am when it was opening because it was supposed to rain that day so we wanted to catch some R&R before our day would be dampened.

The family and I were very excited to be in shorter lines especially to ride the new attraction called Ray Rush. If you have never tried it you must. It's definitely filled with thrills, so much so we rode on it twice. Then we went three times across the lazy river. The kids went together on other rides while the hubby and I just relaxed and rested under an umbrella on two lawn chairs.
We just closed our eyes and took mini naps. It was awesome to see him stretched on the chair with no worries or stress, just chillin and enjoying a break from hectic schedules and meetings.

As for me, I was in my own peaceful and serene bubble. I even laid out in the cloudy yet sometimes sunny, beach they have there. I people watched, closed my eyes and smiled.

My hubby even shared this as his FB Post and I was in total agreement.

"Got to get more of these in while I am on this earth. We endeavor too hard to reach status but don't enjoy the fruits. Let's do something now."

We need to enjoy the fruits of our labor! So take time to get some rest and relaxation, rest and recuperation or rest and recreation. Just take time to Rest.

For me Family is priceless! God first, Family second, Job or Ministry third.

Aquatica on a windy and cloudy day, but the sun managed to peek through.
 My manly Man and devoted father to our children💗
Oh How, we needed this!
No makeup, just sunscreen and some lipsense:)

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Thank you for joining me on today's post!
Stay tuned for more on the Color Wheel Gallery💕


  1. I totally agree with you, Marian. Awesome post, thanks for sharing your family vacation time. 😘


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