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Coconut Nail Art

I was recently introduced to Coconut Nail Art by a beautiful friend of mine, she told me I can get them at Walmart for 5 bucks so a month later I did. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing one of the two sets I purchased.

Here is what they say on the Coconut Nail Art Site:

Say goodbye to the drying time, smudges and streaks of liquid nail polish, and get effortless nail beauty with Coconut Nail Art. The nail strips are made of 100% real nail polish, and include top, color, and base coats. When you’re ready to try a new color, the manicure can be removed with regular nail polish remover. Made in USA.

First, the concept is simple no need to go to a salon and spend money on a manicure when you can do them at home for less.
Second, they come in an array of designs fo 5 bucks or sometimes less.

Sounds good right?
Well, it’s true but I did find some drawbacks.
The technique to applying them has a learning curve; once you master it, your nails will definitely look pretty and polished. 

The nail strip design I chose in "Sweet Style" were thin but they did hold and last for about 4 days. I work with my hands a lot so there was chipping. I also noticed that I placed some of them right on the cuticle so the adhesive was not totally stuck on, the other nails I did correctly lasted longer. 

The set includes 12 sticker double ended nail strips with a mini file and cuticle stick.
It has the scent of nail polish, not Coconuts

I also noticed some of the nail strips did not reach the sides of the nails. 
Plus, I made a mistake with one of the strips and I tried sticking another piece onto it because it had ripped when I tried to stretch it. 
From a distance, you couldn't tell. LOL

First Day

Second Day

Fourth Day
Fifth Day

Overall, I really like them and I will definitely be repurchasing other styles. It does require practice but it serves the purpose of a quick (not flawless) manicure when you can't or don't want go to a salon. They are convenient and travel friendly.
Now that I have had my trial and error with the first set, the second set should be easier to do and all it takes is 15 to 20 minutes or less. 
Coconut Nail Art is available at Walmart stores, Walmart.com and Ulta Beauty.

Here's the second set I purchased in "Sea Goddess"

I really was impressed with these the most in terms of the design and longevity.

Here's a pic of my first application on May 11, 2018

13 days later...
Well, they are not perfect but heck they still look decent after scrubbing and doing chores. LOL
I will definitely be purchasing more!

Stay tuned for more posts on The Color Wheel Galleryđź’•

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