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Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

There are so many fantasy hair color semi permanent dyes out there that it's so hard to choose especially since I'm a newbie into it. When I first got my hair colored, it was with Pravana Vivids Pink which is a great high quality dye but it is not as accessible as others that you can purchase at Sally's. After my initial color, I went to Salon Centric because I have a friend that is a hairdresser and she has access to the supplies but since I'm not, I went with her and I bought two tubes of Pravana Vivids Pink under her card.
All I have left is a bit of the second tube since I mixed it in with my conditioner which was great but then I would run out when I would have to recolor again. So, I renewed my membership with Sally's for 5 bucks for the year and I got a 50% off coupon and used it to buy my first jar of Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink without knowing if it would work or not. To my surprise, this dye worked great and I did not dilute it to make it pastel. I used it straight from the little tub it came in, saturated my whole head and the color took instantly, even most of my white hair in the front which was cool because that part is not bleached.
I left on the dye for 3 hours and rinsed it off with cool water and voila the shade of pink was vivid and beautiful and more cool pinky toned than the Pravana, which gave me a more lilac mauvey pink hue.
This dye did not make a mess, stain my pillowcase or clothing maybe because it was a lighter shade from the collection. It is also very pigmented but now I have to test it to see how long it will last on my highlighted locks.
In my previous post, I mentioned some tips that I use to keep the color from fading so hopefully it will work with this color as well.

I'm really excited with this new hair change. I'm having fun at 42!
Here are my before and after pictures using the manic panic in Cotton Candy Pink.

                                          Here's a before without flash, Pravana pink does fade nicely.
With flash and the Cotton Candy Pink in the daylight


  1. This is a post from over 2 years ago, but I'm glad I found it. I have hair similar to yours and I bought the same colour tonight. I was questioning my choice, but you now have reassured me. Looking forward to pink!!

  2. This is a great article on manic panic pink hair dye
    Thank you


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