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Rose Water is Amazing!

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

photo from www.hercampus.com

As many of you know, my beauty regimen consists of Coconut Oil as a night time moisturizer and Argan Oil as my daytime moisturizer and my Elf Zit Zapper for any break outs.

I have not used a facial toner in years and when asked to review this product I was interested because I heard Rose Water is very good for your skin. 
Well, first of all the Moroccan Rose water  from Instanatural smells wonderful, it's a smell that you would like to splash all over your body so I'm glad this too can be used in the bath water to receive a pampering experience. 
I have not tried it in the bath yet but I definitely will and I will also google some recipes to use it with as well.That is how good and beneficial Rose Water is. 

After I cleanse my face with my Yes to Cucumbers towelettes, I use the Instanatural Rose Water  as a toner by simply putting some on a cotton pad and patting into my face and neck. My face feels a little tight and then feels and looks refreshed! 

And I can see any debris that my Yes to Cucumbers towelettes did not lift properly so I know Rose Water removes dirt and makeup residue while giving my face a clean and refreshed glow. 

I really am going to enjoy using this product for a long time. Now, that's the third beauty weapon in my skincare regimen:)

I found this article on www.stylecraze.com on the benefits of Rose Water.

If you want to experience Rose Water on your skin you can either make it yourself or you can buy the InstaNatural Moroccan 4 oz bottle  on Amazon for $13.97