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My First Attempt at Making Whipped Peppermint Shea Butter

Today's post is really exciting for me because if you read my recent posts, I've been blogging about essential oils lately and thier benefits and uses and the Peppermint scrub I made with one of  them.

So, today I am excited to share with you my experience on making whipped Peppermint Shea butter for the first time.
I really love the smell of peppermint and because I do, I wanted to make this kind of whipped shea butter.

For this experiment or recipe, I researched on YouTube channels to see how others made it.

Some made it with different oils like lavender, Jojoba, sweet almond oil, and castor oil etc.
And were making Shea butter for their hair, for their body and I decided I wanted to make my Shea butter as a whipped body butter.

I just found out it's a multipurpose butter recipe so I can use a bit for my face and hair.
I want it for when I step out of the shower to get super soft and silky skin.

I took a little from each video I watched which were about 3 or 4 and combined them all together in this recipe. But there's so much more to explore!

Ok, let's get on with the recipe

This is what I used:
Unrefined organic Ivory Raw Shea butter
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Argan Oil
Peppermint Oil

Step 1: Take the amount of shea butter you are going to use and put it in a bowl that can be double boiled or microwave safe.

I used only 1/3 of my stick of shea butter and used the double boil method.
All it is is a boiling pot of water with a bowl on top. Example below 

Step 2: 
Pour 1 Tbs of coconut oil on the shea butter and let it melt

Step 3: Once it's melted
Add 10 drops of Peppermint Oil
10 drops of Argan Oil and 
1 table spoon of Olive Oil

Step 4: Take the electric hand mixer and whisk it a bit. 
Now you can opt to take longer whisking it hot because you would need to whisk every 5 min to let it set and solidify 
Or put it in the freezer for 10 mins so that it can solidify quicker and look like this

Step 5: Have Fun Whisking it into a Creamy consistency right before your eyes.

Keep whisking to get a fluffier and creamier texture

Then your Shea Butter should look like this!

It looks whipped, creamy and smells delicious! I fluffed it with a fork to make it look fancy. 
I was able to fill a 4 oz jar and 1/2 of another. 

There you have it! Whipped Peppermint Shea Butter


  1. This sounds so cool, I'd like to try it one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It would probably also smell amazing with lavender essential oil as well!!! Thanks so much for sharing, now I want to make some!!!

    1. Yes lavender I also know that lemon oil will smell amazing as well :) try and let me know

  3. OMG It looks so smooth and yummy! I want to try to make some now!


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