Happy Thanksgiving From The Color Wheel Gallery

Hello Friends,
Today is the day before Thanksgiving as I’m writing this post, so by the time you will see it, It will already be Thanksgiving. I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed one filled with love, peace, laughter and great food.
Tonight is our Thanksgiving service at church and boy do I have a lot to be thankful to God for.
I actually thank Him everyday, not only on Thanksgiving so I keep Him close to my heart with love and gratitude fo He's my all in all.

I’m also thankful for you guys for being part of The Color Wheel Gallery, it’s been 8 yrs and counting. And to all the great companies who have entrusted me with their brands,Thank you!

I just partnered up with the brand GreenTreeJewelry.com and they have an array of products ranging from earrings to ornaments.
I was recently sent two of their earrings from the bamboo collection. They are beautiful and dainty. 
Today, I will be showing you their Eucalyptus Bamboo Earrings retailed at $17.95.
These beautiful and unique earrings will make a fabulous Birthday or Christmas gift.

Here are some specs from their site:
Made in USA
Style #977
Size 2.1 x 0.6
Eucalyptus Bamboo Earrings
Made by one of the most well known sustainable materials on Earth!
25% thinner than original Green Tree Earrings
Eco-Fashion earrings taken to the next level
ALL styles double as essential oil diffusers
( meaning the earrings can be used to put essential oils on when worn :)
Elegant, minimalistic designs that show off natural bamboo look and feel
Earrings come as shown

Essential Oil Diffusers

As you read in the deets, these fish hook earrings can be doubled as a diffuser. Whoa! Ok, so I had to try it with my rose oil and it actually worked and the hubby and the kids were able to smell the roses LOL. 
I asked customer service on thier online chat, what the directions were and the nice lady said to put 1 to 2 drops of any essential oil on the earrings.
And to wipe them down with a damp cloth for the next use with the same or a different oil but to please not submerge them in water.
I really do like the concept but essential oils can be strong so to each is own on their oil preference. I personally will stick with the softer scents.

If you want to try the Eucalyptus print pictured.

or any of their other jewelry pieces here’s a 10% off code GTJ10 with free shipping from GreenTreeJewelry.com.

Press Sample for review purposes.

Stay Tuned for more on The Color Wheel Galleryđź’•

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