High Fashion For Less

I hope you all had a blessed and lovely Mother’s day surrounded by family and friends.
I spent the morning at church with my family then went to the mall to spend the cash gifts I received from my mom, dad,and brother in Chicago.

I actually bought stuff! Usually, I never find anything unless it’s online. I was hoping to fit in some white heels, but they did not carry my shoe size. ๐Ÿ˜ž
I did get some good sales and bought clothing and jewelry from Charlotte Russe, Godiva chocolate from CVS, Matrix silver shampoo from JC Penney and NYX makeup plus I had $7.00 dollars left over. 
Stay tuned for some beauty reviews from my haul.
Here’s my haul:)
Oh, yes, plus I had to include in my shopping spree the delicious and decadent Godiva dark chocolate and vanilla Ice cream cone dipped in almonds. I did share it though.
Now, for the high fashion for less part. Don’t worry I was not gonna leave you hanging.
I didn’t expect to receive so many compliments on this top so I thought I'd share where I got it from. 

This beautiful off the shoulder trumpet sleeve blouse was only $8.59 plus shipping on Amazon. I couldn’t believe it either and It totally represented couture. It is available in sizes Small to 2 XL and in 3 fashion colors. Unfortunately, it’s not prime so there is a wait time they give you.
As for the black slacks, they were not cheap but they are old. LOL
Meaning,they are Gucci and were a gift from my dad when I was in college. 
But any pair of black slacks will replicate the look. As for the multi- layer chocker necklace,it was super inexpensive on Amazon too,only $2.51.๐Ÿ˜

I really like this blouse and it will also look good with jeans or skirts. I liked it so much, I just ordered another one in Size small but in blue.
So, if you like it, you know where to get it. 
That's what I call High Fashion For Less!
Blouse: Amazon Link
Leaf Necklace: Amazon Link
Stay tuned for more posts on the Color Wheel Gallery๐Ÿ’•

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