My Tea Tree Oil Experience

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

I was very excited to try this authentic Tea Tree oil because usually I've tested Tea Tree in products that's combined with different ingredients in them.
So when I opened the bottle of this Tea Tree oil it was very potent and it definitely smelled like bug spray. lol

But, I decided to use it anyway and know that not all things that do not smell pleasant might have a beneficial effect and might necessarily work for you so I wanted to be brave and give it a go.

Unfortunately, the bottle does not come with a dropper so luckily I had a dropper that I had in my cupboard so I used that one. I put 9 drops of the Tea Tree oil in my shampoo and shook it good.
The scent from there on was not as potent which was good.

I explored to use it this way because I hear it's good for dry scalp and dandruff. The shampoo mixture left my hair in the shower with an invigorating tingling feeling.

Next, I decided to explore a little more with the Teatree oil.

I have sensitive skin and I always use coconut oil at night as my nighttime moisturizer.
But, since I was testing the Tea Tree oil I also read that it's good for your skin and acne.

So, after I washed my face and put on the coconut oil I put a little dab of the Tea Tree to those spots that I wanted to diminish. It did sting a little bit but I added a little more coconut oil to it and the stinging went a way.

I went to sleep at night, and when I woke up in the morning the spots were definitely diminished and dried up.

This girl here is now a believer of  Tea Tree Oil and I will continue to use it for my little breakouts on my face and in my shampoo and I can't wait to explore with it even more. 

If you can get by the potent smell of this oil then I suggest that this product be in your cupboard as well.

It retails for $24.99 on Amazon and if you are curious to know what else it may be used for,
Here's a little description from the site:
Experimenting and Exploring with oils can be fun and beneficial.

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