Finally An Oil Diffuser! My Experience

Press SampleProduct given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes at a Discounted Price

I never owned or used a diffuser before so I'm happy I purchased this diffuser by Soothing Lotus. It's very lightweight and easy to use as you follow along with the directions on the little booklet it comes with.
I love all the led colored light choices that you can choose which colored light to keep on.
I decided to use my Lavender Oil and that not only filled my living room with a beautiful scent but it also relaxed my senses. 
I also tried it with Peppermint Oil and it left my room with a invigorating and strong minty scent. 
I did notice I poured more drops than recommended in the diffuser so thats why the minty scent was so potent but still I felt like it opened my nasal passages which is great for this allergy sufferer.

This almost makes me want to not invest in candles anymore but I still like my candles from time to time so I'll use both. lol 

In the picture collage I'm filling the diffuser with water to it's max level then adding 5 drops of Lavender Oil to it.  I Plugged into the outlet then I pressed the right button to hear it beep then the mist started. And then I pressed the left button for my 6 led color choices. The diffuser stays on until the water runs out then shuts off. But of course I'd watch it to see how much water is left.

I'm really enjoying the experience of a diffuser so much that I'm buying one for my Mother for Mother's Day. 
And if you are in need or never experienced one and want to try one out, click here on Amazon 
The oils are purchased separately.


  1. Did you get these from tomoson?

  2. I have been looking for a good diffuser. I'm just recently getting into oils and already in love with them! This would be perfect to put in my girls room at night!!!


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