Crave Naturals Whip Lash Curler And Results

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

Now, isn't this packaging adorable?  It's Very Girly and very Comic-Con and it comes from the company Crave Naturals.
But w'ere not only talking about the packing in todays post but whats inside, which really matter most.
So in the pic below you will see a cute hot pink eyelash curler called the Whip Lash!

This curler is very strong and sturdy and it really gives your lashes a lift. Its a little tricky at first so you need to take your time using it because you might find it a little stiff with the clamping but its not something that will ruin your lashes or give you a bruise to your lid. Just make sure you open your eye and clamp down gently until your desired lift. I also like that the Whip Lash has a little metal piece to hold the curler in place once not in use.

Personally I wish it wasn't so stiff but they do really give your lashes a great curl, especially when you top it with your favorite mascara. The Whip Lash comes with 10 pads and it also comes with a 25% coupon card off your next purchase of any Crave Naturals products.
You can purchase The Crave Naturals Whip Lash Curler on Amazon for $12.88

I left a little flip a gram video to see me using The Whip Lash and the finished look with my Jennifer Bradley Monster mascara.
My lashes look longer, fuller and thicker giving me that doe eyed effect!

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