Arvazallia Hair Products Review

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes

The Advanced Hair Repair System from Arvazallia smells amazing!
As I was washing my hair, I was thinking of the Calgon Take Me Away commercial lol
That's how wonderful this shampoo smelled and felt while massaging it into my scalp .

Then, when it was time for the conditioner, Ahh, it smelled Amazing as well and it left my hair silky soft.
I toweled dried it and when it was a little damp it still gave my hair bounce and shine and did not weigh down my waves.

The reason why this shampoo and conditioner from Arvazallia did all that, it's because of it's secret infused ingredients, my favorite oil that I have been using for almost 3 yrs ; Argan Oil, and the other essential oil that I just began to use now with this set, the Macadamia oil.

The Advanced Hair Repair System restores and hydrates dry, damaged or colored hair. 
I have no issues with any of these hair concerns but this set works great at moisturizing and revitalizing my hair.
It's also great for wavy hair like mine, curly or permed hair. 

Now, if the shampoo and the conditioner weren't wonderful enough, Arvazallia has it's Hydrating Argan Oil hair mask that's  equally amazing and it's used for for deep conditioning and moisturization.

So, if you are a slave to the curling Iron, flat iron or hair dryer then this luxurious creamy hair mask will detangle, deeply condition, and revitalize your hair and make it soft, silky and manageable. All you need is 5 minutes with this on to get beautiful results and it can be used 1-2 times weekly.

These Amazing products from Arvazallia are 100% sulfate and paraban free and can be purchased individually for $16.99-$17.99 each or as the entire set for $49.99 on Amazon or

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