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My New Hobby: Card Making and Crafting Plus Free Stickers For You

Blessings Everyone,
Today's post is all about my new hobby, Paper Crafting which also includes Card Making.
I owe it all to my beautiful cousin Jesenia who can be found on youtube at https://youtube.com/user/creativeeyesx3
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It all started when I won a journal from her channel and she included stickers, bookmarks, and colored pens.
In October, I picked up that journal and got inspired to do one for my friend for Christmas.
I called Jesenia on Facetime to show her and she encouraged me and not only with her words but also with her actions by sending goodies like how she likes to call them. :) Those goodies included rolls of colorful washi tape and a variety of clear stamps. Right away, I put them to use by making a bookmark and a birthday card for a family friend.

I must admit that card was cute but huge. LOL. I did not know anything about the A2 card but with research and my hubby's measuring skills, because I have none, I was able to do different cards this Christmas. I was able to do napkin cards too which are easy and fun and beautiful.

Card making is not cheap so the investment is needed to start by buying card stock, stickers, a trimmer or mini guillotine that I'm still waiting on, and other items as needed but Jesenia made it clear not to overstock and use what you already have in terms of paper stock, stickers etc... 
I'm so thankful my brother gave me a Micheals gift card this Christmas and I was able to use it plus I used thier coupons and looked for deals at Hobby Lobby and eBay and yes, Dollar Tree stores.

I also found out you can make your own stickers on Canva and other sites and print them at home. The inkjet printer I use is the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 and it even prints on vellum paper.

This hobby is so much fun and creative juices flow when you have all the tools and accessories you need and it makes an impact on the people you share it with. Cards are just a beautiful gesture to show someone you care about them.

I recently went to Dollar Tree and picked up these Valentine Chipboard stickers.

 I saw them lacking color so I decided to try pigment ink on them with a makeup brush I had for years but now these are in the crafting world and they blend like a dream. So for the little DIY, I inked them in different colors and the stickers came out beautifully. 
All I did was dab the brush in the ink and painted and blended away and it wasn’t messy at all.

They make great accents on cards. I made this one for a sista friend of mine and I hope she likes it when she gets it.

I also made the envelope using an envelope punch board with the same gilded paper pad I bought at Michaels.

I'm still learning but in reality, I'm just having fun creating and designing. 

Have I gotten frustrated? Yes! Have I made mistakes?Yes but it is all a part of the process called Art. I almost gave up when I couldn't measure right because my Westcott trimmer I bought at walmart does not have the measuring ruler I need and I have messed up quite a few card stocks but this is only the beginning and when someone receives my card and opens it and it puts a smile on their face and it brings a warm feeling to them, then it was well worth it.
Thank you Jesenia for inspiring me on my paper crafting journey. Love you. 😘 

I have always liked stationery and stickers as a child and the internet is full of free ones too. 
I decided to use Canva and other sites like rawpixel to you bring you these stickers I made so you too can use them in your paper crafting or even bible journaling. These stickers are my gift to you plus if you are new here, please subscribe so you wont miss out on the next freebie. I'm thinking of sharing different stickers with you as time goes on.

Today's freebies are these beautiful reminder stickers on How God Sees Us. We are created in his image.
I had low self-esteem as a late teen but a beautiful friend and sister from church showed me Psalm 139: 13-18 in the bible and I was able to see how God saw me and formed me and that I had value and worth in His eyes. 
If you want to read my testimony you can see it here: I Was So Blinded

Now back to the freebies! 
Click here for the Card Layer : Card Layer
I just sent this one out to another friend who happens to be 80 something and she is beautiful and full of energy. She used to be one of my neighbors and I love her.

Click here for the Stickers: Psalm 139 Mirror Stickers
All you need is sticker paper.

I hope you enjoyed reading and receiving on today's post and maybe inspired to go into this wonderful hobby too. 
God bless you!