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Disneyland Restaurants I Experienced While On Vacation

Blessings all,
While on vacation in Disneyland, California I was able to try out some of their fast food restaurants in their parks.
The prices were affordable and I found some that were quite nice and enjoyable with tasty food starting with breakfast in Disneyland at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

I really enjoyed their scrumptious bacon and egg croissant with delicious hot cocoa and for the sweetness factor, I shared with my daughter their gigantic raspberry Mickey-shaped Macaron.
I gobbled up that breakfast sandwich before I can take a picture of it. LOL
But here’s this yummy and filling beauty.

If you ever go to Disneyland, this cafe is a great breakfast spot but they also serve lunch and dinner too.

The next one we tried was also a real treat and that was at California Adventure.
It was Pym Test kitchen inspired by the movie Ant-Man and Dr. Pym. The theming was fun and cute.
We ate breakfast and dinner there but unfortunately, the dinner made me sick.
Here’s the breakfast we had though, which I highly recommend. Isn’t that sunny-side-up egg the cutest?

                             The staff were great too they even posed for the camera.:)

The dinner had a pretty cool presentation with a gigantic piece of chicken cutlet with a miniature bun but it tasted hard and burnt and I believe I got sick because I ate it too late. But everyone else seemed to like it and the tater tots with yogurt were good. Mine was the plain one.

This was a last minute snack that I regretted because it was so greasy. I got it from one of the carts in frontier land.
I love me a corn dog but unfortunately not this one.

I was saddened because I didn’t have too many good eating experiences at Disneyland or California Adventure.
I definitely prefer the Disney World restaurants better.

So the last one in this post was truly a disappointment.
I was very excited to eat tacos there but man, the pale steak meat was not seasoned well and it tasted so bland and blah.

I’m a taco lover but these were nothing to rave about.
The restaurant was called Cocina Cucamonga.
It was unfortunate I had this experience with some of their restaurants in the park but if I do go back, I know where not to go, lesson learned.

Other than the food mishaps we really enjoyed our vacation and the rides were great and so much fun.
I preferred the Guardians of the Galaxy ride compared to the tower of terror in Florida.
Disneyland is definitely smaller compared to Disney World which makes walking and getting around easier and the quality of the rides are fantastic.
The only ones I won’t ride again are Mr. Toads Wild Ride, The Matterhorn Bob Sleds, and the Pixar Pal Around Ferris wheel but the rest are worth it.

Here are some fun shots!

                                                                 Aren’t they adorable?