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Top Down Curl Method on Wavy Hair With Refresh Days

Blessings all,
Lately, I have been wanting to get back in shape not only with my body but also with my hair.
I tried the curly girl method in 2017 and then I stopped it. Fast forward, I would only wash and condition my hair and wet brush it and let it air dry and put it in a braid or bun or simply just go to bed with my hair loose. I don’t know if it was because of the pandemic but I got lazy.

In May, I decided to bring back my waves to their potential and definition. I first began with purchasing curl creams, a gel, a leave-in conditioner and a mousse.
I even did an egg and castor oil treatment that I’m supposed to be doing regularly but I’m still not there yet for that commitment. I may restart with my coconut oil treatment by saturating it in my hair on wash day, leaving it for 30 min then wash it out. Ok baby steps. LOL.

So back to my waves, I recently saw this Top Down Curl method on YouTube that wavies like me can do as well for more volume and definition.
Oh yes, (side note) I took the curl test and found out my hair is 2 B with a medium porosity.
You can also take your strands to the test to find out your curl type here: https://www.naturallycurly.com/quiz

Now back to the YouTube video called Top Down Curl Method done by the beautiful Katie at Type of Beautiful: https://youtu.be/1tClQ3qXDNU
This technique proved to work on my hair as well and the results were fantastic!
Yes, I have to take more time on me or rather on my hair to get good results but it’s so worth it and I could go 3 or 4 days without washing my hair as well.

I also discovered the Denman D3 7 row Brush. I never knew about this brush until these videos I keep stumbling upon. 😂 These brushes have been out for a very long time but now I know and I know how to use one. I bought mine here from this site but prices tend to change and they come in various colors. Just search for the D3 seven row here or where ever salon brushes are sold:

This brush is fantastic! I use it while my hair is wet and has a leave-in conditioner and I brush sections of my hair away from the scalp and give the brush a turn to create a ringlet or define my waves.
Here are two of the many videos to explain more clearly.😄
Fit Curls: https://youtu.be/poRJcKHfyTo and Johanna Deutschman: https://youtu.be/waKelfoOfBc

Ok, I have rambled long enough here are my results with the Top Down Curl Method and drying with a diffuser on low heat.



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