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OMG Giant Cupcake

This past winter my beautiful friend gifted me a huge cupcake mold set. It was nicely packaged and I was shocked because I had never seen anything like it. I own a big silicone cupcake mold but wow this one left my jaw open. LOL. 

It's called the OMG Cupcake by the company Cakes of Eden and it came with all these accessories. 

Thankfully, it came with instructions but it was still a bit confusing. The first time I made it, I did forget to lower my oven rack and I baked them side by side on the same baking tray and the cake rose and touched the baking rack. Epic fail! LOL. and it didn't look so pretty but I managed to salvage it and beautify it. 

I know crazy-looking cake right? but enough of how it first looked. How about the flavor and the taste?
Oh! yes, this was my very first from-scratch Chocolate cake. I did it in one bowl and it tasted great.
I'll share the recipe below including the quick delicious buttercream frosting.

Now, back to the mold. 😁 What I also like about it was that you can fill it with chocolate and refrigerate it to pop it out as a shell to imitate a cupcake liner. So, I did just that with some chocolate wafer melts and not only did this step save me from frosting my cake all over but it disguised my ugly cake and took it up a notch. You still have to trim your cake but it fits nicely in the mold.

The results were amazing after I colored my buttercream and piped it! This mold set comes with a magic insert in case you wanted to make it a candy or funfetti style cake where the inside will spill over as you cut it. But I haven't tried that yet. 

This was the inside when sliced in half.

Beautiful right! If I can do it so can you:)

I liked this cupcake mold so much I decided to make my own birthday cake with it.
I used the same chocolate cake recipe but added a raspberry jam filling this time and I used the same quick buttercream but without the gel coloring.

Now you all know my age. LOL