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Almond Snowball Cookies

Italian Wedding Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Coookies, Meltaways, Polvorones, and SnowBall Cookies?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

These famous delicious style cookies go by many different names and are great anytime of the year and they are of one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I can't find them year round but I do get them around Christmas time when possible. 


I recently bought a box at Dede’s Discount store and they were so yummy that my family and I finished them the same day. My husband says in 3 hours they were gone LOL.

Anyway, I decided to google some recipes for them and I found one that I would like to share with you incase you would like to make these Almond Snowball Cookies too.

This was my very first try making them and with some trial and error on some steps I managed to accomplish these delicious and savory sweet cookies.

Here is the link and video recipe from www.savorthebest.com


She names her cookies Italian Wedding Cookies, I chose to name mine Almond Snowball Cookies, still the same. Anyway, she did all the cookie dough in a food processor which is an awesome idea. Remember my new Kitchen Aid processor my mom bought me which I wrote about in my previous post? 

Well, the almonds were toasted in the oven something I never did before and the processor chopped them wonderfully and the butter and icing sugar went in with a little flour but unfortunately not all of it. 

Boohoo! My Kitchen Aid is only 3.5 cups LOL too small

for a large batch of cookie dough. So, I had to transfer everything to a stand mixer. That was my trial and error friends but after that everything worked out. Oh yes, the recipe mentions extra powdered sugar for dipping the warm cookies but for me it was too much even when I saved less then mentioned. So as soon as your cookies come out, just try one cup and half for dipping then add more if needed. Now the excess sugar left in the pie plate did not go to waste because I placed it in a Ziplock bag and saved it for my pancakes.


I shaped my first cookie batch and refrigerated them for 6 hours before baking them and they still came out great. I don’t think 7 hours is needed next time I’ll cool them in less time than the recipe recommends.

These tasty powdery Almond snowball cookies are great for gatherings and gift giving too and because this recipe yields 6 dozen cookies, that’s exactly what I did. I shared them with my parents and in laws as well and they loved them. 


I now know how to make them and so I don’t have to wait to buy them in a store once a year. YAY! I can do them whenever I crave them and substitute them with pecans and walnuts If I like. 

I hope you enjoyed todays post and give these cookies a try.

Stay tuned for more on The Color Wheel Galleryđź’•