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Home Decor for Winter

Home Decor brings a sense of newness and change whether its rearranging what you already have or buying something new to add to your personalized touch.
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The winter, for those of that live where it does get cold during these months, can be a daunting time. You don’t want to go outside in the freezing cold so you want your space inside to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. But where do you start? I have a few great ideas to help get you in the mood to decorate your home during the winter months.

Cozy Blankets - Typically when you’ve just come from outside if you’ve shoveled the driveway for the millionth time, build a snowman with your kids or had a long commute from the office, you want to snuggle up with something cozy. Think extremely soft blankets to warm you up which I usually leave near my couch or the fireplace in an extra large basket. Back by popular demand are blanket ladders which are easy to grab and display as a fun little piece near your couch as well.
Twinkle Lights- Don’t put some of those lights away just yet just because Christmas is over. I like to add some of the lights to small mason jars around our fireplace area or even in my children’s room at night os they can watch them glow like little twinkling fairies. The magic and joy it brings to their faces is priceless. Plus, it’s extremely inexpensive to make and you can even have your children help you design the outside of the mason jar to make it their own.
Decorating with Nature- Now I don’t mean go run outside and grab a few things from the frosted ground. I grab a few spring pine cones from my local Michaels, add a few greenery to it and the twinkle lights to finish off a simple centerpiece for a guest room or my kitchen countertops. We actually just found some amazing countertops that add such character in our kitchen from a company called Premier Surfaces Zodiaq Quartz Countertops. Their large collection comes in four various categories such as light granular quartz, light veined quartz, dark granular quartz or dark veined quartz. In fact, they also launched 11 new colors in 2019 and now offer more warmer tones to their collection. Personally, London Sky is my favorite for it’s soft white and soft grey veining. It’s perfect for homeowners who are looking for a warmer tone countertop to add to their kitchen. It picks up many of the darker colors I like to add such as dark greens in plants that I’ve set out or the pine cones and greenery I’ve added to centerpieces throughout the kitchen.
Snowflakes - Now I think we all think of paper snowflakes when we want to decorate our home but I want to encourage you to think outside the box a bit and think of snowflakes a fun accent piece to decorate not just the inside but outside of your home as well. You can add a fun little spot on your porch with a few cute snowflakes made out of wood or even popsicle sticks your kids have made to put on the windows. These also give off a cozy feel when looking around your home ( the kids are always so proud of their own artwork that they’ve made).
Image by Woojr.com
Color Tones- When you think of winter you think of cooler tones such as red, blues, whites and greys. Use these colors around your home by adding pops of them with decorative pillows, blankets, rugs and more. I like to add a few red roses in rooms with a few twinkling candles and a cozy blanket to enjoy when they visit my home. I also add a few mugs of hot cocoa and peppermint sticks out for guests to enjoy to keep the cozy feel going in the kitchen or our playroom area.
Project Spot - I designed a small spot in our play area for games and projects to get done when it’s super chilly outside. This area is perfect for chess, working on a puzzle or a board game with the family after a long day. Having a small corner where there isn’t a lot of distraction is key. I also added a small light for when it gets dark early and we still want to work on our puzzle together. It’s cozy and a popular area for our kids to sit and work quietly.

There are several more ways to decorate your home for the winter but these six are easy to do right this very minute. By adding a few of these touches to your home, you’ll probably never want to leave the house which is perfectly fine. Your home is a place you want to enjoy both inside and outside so while we are waiting for Spring to come, cozy up with your blanket, grab a puzzle to tackle and get excited for quality time with friends and family in the warmth of your home.

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