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The Sanfilippo Wing It Eyeliner Stamp

Press SampleProduct given for testing and review purposes

I must confess, I'm a novice when it comes to applying winged eyeliner on myself so when I first saw this product called Wing it on kick starter a year ago, my eyes opened wide and I felt hope in mastering the wing.

Barbara Sanfilippo a beautiful young entrepreneur born in Italy, now residing in Germany, came up with this concept about a liner with a pre-inked wing stamp on the end of it. She effortlessly shows in her videos how she stamps on the wing then finishes it off with the liner. Unfortunately, she did not raise the funds needed to manufacture her product so she went to the bank got a loan and now is a successful business woman with a great and unique product that is being sold throughout Europe and the USA by way of her website. I have seen other stamps with eyeliners before from China but the stamps are shaped like stars and hearts which is not my thing.
Other USA companies have a similar concept with the stamp but it does not come with eyeliner or ink. So Miss. Sanfilippo, is at the top of her game with her baby!

Let me introduce you to the Sanfilippo Wing it! birthed in Belgium. This eyeliner duo is available in a Thick stamp or Thin stamp and in different colors. The eyeliner has a felt tip with pigmented black ink that is water resistant which is great and on the other end, a winged stamp already with the ink included.

As you can see, the eyeliners have the same felt tip in size so the only difference is the shape of the stamps.

Here are the liners and stamps swatched on my hand.

Wing it also comes in 6 other colors including this one in Red Wine.

This swatch was scary, it bled a lot and stained on the hand but it bled less on the eyes. The felt tip was very wet and saturated compared to the black ink formulation.

As for my winged liner experience with the product, I was very nervous LOL. I was afraid to make a mistake which of course I did and had to have Q tips and oil makeup remover to wipe my errors. I noticed with the stamp you have to take your time and practice. Yes, it creates a wing but not a flawless one so you have to fill it in but the stamp is great to create a guide. Just be sure to apply the stamp in the proper position for both eyes so that the angles will be the same.

The liner is great! It's pigmented and lasted until I removed it with makeup remover.
As for the stamp, it did stamp a wing shape but as I mentioned before I had to fill it in more and then line the rest of my lash line. Unfortunately, the red stamp bled and stained so I was bummed about that although I was still able to stamp and line with it I just wish it had the same formulation as the black ink.
The packaging is nice except it should have the thick or thin print on the tube if you own both and my tube for the Red Wine looked the same so I could not tell which one was which without swatching it.
Here was my first attempt using it, hopefully practice will make permanent and I can get better and better.

I have the thick stamp on my right eye and the thin on my left eye.
Here is the attempt with Red Wine Wing It...

I noticed dramatic wing liner does not look good on my eye shape so a baby wing is more suitable.

Overall, it's a unique and fun product that can help guide you on your wing liner journey if you are a novice like me.

Here's how Barbara does it to give you an idea.

The Sanfilippo Wing It! sells for 19 bucks with shipping and can be purchased on https://sanfilippo-wingit.com