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Let's Talk about Hair Shadowing and Chalk Moussing

Since I was a little girl, I have always liked the color pink and now at the age of 41, I still feel the same way.
I have been letting my gray grow out for 3 years now and it has been a not so easy but beautiful journey. The not so easy part was growing it out in stages, being three toned. LOL After the transition, I felt confident and liberated.
The pattern on my hair is unique and I have learned to accept it. I have not fully gone gray yet so I do not know the turnout but for now I’m happy. However, just because I let my gray in and decided not to dye my hair anymore does not mean I can’t have a different color or colors from time to time to change it up and have fun.
I’m talking about color that will wash out easily and does no harm to the tresses. I happened to really like the Pink hair trend and so I own a pink wig but it ’s too long to wear all the time so I did a post on one of the gray groups I belong to and asked for some hair advice on what sprays work best for temporary hair color. I really didn’t get an answer to the spray but Alison who happens to be a fellow Silver Sister said to try eyeshadow on the hair.
I tried hair chalking with a paint pod called Hot Huez before and that was a mess and a pain. It stained my hair for a while but eyeshadow for the hair sounded very interesting. I began to search online and found a Youtube channel by Naturally Tash and she pretty much does hair shadowing. I was thrilled, so I decided to try it but not with shadow because I didn’t want to ruin mine so I used a  pink powder blush I didn’t use as much.
Wow! what a difference it made. The application process was easy on dry hair. I used my fingers at first but then I ran the blush from the little compact right on my hair. After the hair shadowing, I sprayed it with hairspray and Voila I had cool pink hair until I washed it out, which was two days max.
Beware of color on your fingers but it will wash off with soap and water. Before you hair shadow make sure you already have the desired hair style you want too.
Here were my results! 

On that same post I got a suggestion by an amazing artist, I mean her paintings will blow you away. Since she’s an artist I took her advice and when I saw her results I decided to try that method as well. Her name is Chrissy by the way you should check her page out called Vintage Painter.
Chrissy had an idea of using her hair pastels with hair mousse mixed together and then you would just spread it where ever you want the color. Her hair is a shade of beautiful white and she has a pixie cut so it covered her hair blue instantly and entirely when she used the blue pastel chalk.

How is it done? Here are the steps…

Step 1: Choose a non toxic water based pastel chalk color you like
Step 2: Use a grater or a magic bullet like I did to grind it up. please do not inhale the dust, it is harmful.
Step 3: pick your favorite mousse and put on some gloves
Step 4: Mix in the chalk with the mousse to create a colored mousse.
Step 5: On dry or dampened hair, spread the mousse where you want to color
Step 6: hairspray to set or allow the mouse to air dry
Step 7: comb it out a bit and you’re done!

This all lasts until you wash it out, 2 days max for me and I did not use the hairspray, that was optional.
With grating make sure it is finely milled or you will have tiny rock pieces like I did which was not fun going in your hair.  I combed it out and it made a mess on the floor. But lesson learned on that one. LOL
Overall, I was very pleased with the results although the blush and shadow is way easier and less time consuming, “Chalk Moussing “ was fun ( just made the name up). LOL and had great results as well.
I inspired quite a few ladies to try it and they too were excited and pleased with the results. Give it a try, you never know you may like it. 


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