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Audrey My Fashion Mannequin

Press Sample: Product given for Testing and Review Purposes.

I never owned a mannequin or fashion mannequin before so when I was asked to review this headless and armless mannequin by Ledrem, I was so excited because I definitely knew I was going to use it.

As for the mannequin, it is a fiber glass torso that is dressed in black stretch linen fabric and it comes with a tripod wooden base and a wooden top plug on the neck for scarves or hats.
It comes with a diagram so it is very easy to assemble and the mannequin can be adjusted to certain height levels by turning the knob located underneath and lifting the torso up but since I'm 5'2, I made her my same height.
Oh yes, I named her Audrey:)

So this is how Audrey is beneficial to me besides looking profesional and beautiful in photos.

I have a tendency of hanging my dresses or outfits the night before that I will be wearing the next day, on my curtain rod by my bed and well that's not cute. LOL
But at least I see and have my clothes prepared.
Now with Audrey, I simply would dress her up in my clothes necklace included, hat or scarf and not only does it look beautiful but also my clothes will be ready to wear and not on a hanger on my curtain rod over my head.

Audrey is a smaller size mannequin in size 6-8 but my clothes in Small and Medium fit her well. Unfortunately, she cannot display pants, only blouses, skirts and dresses but that's perfectly fine with me. 

Audrey stays in my bedroom which can be startling at times so I might move her into the closet or living room. LOL

Overall, this mannequin is very nice and it serves it's purpose very well and it's great for fashion designers, seamstresses, boutiques, decor and great for me. 

Here are the lovely pictures of Miss Audrey. Oh, yes I edited my mirrors to hide my purses in the back ground. :)

Product Dimension:
Height of Torso: 27 1/2" (70cm)
Shoulder: 14 7/8" (38cm)
Chest: 34 1/4" (87cm)
Waist: 24 3/4" (63cm)
Hip: 34 5/8" (88cm)

Cost: $89.00 
where to purchase: Amazon 


  1. I would so love one of these. Its so cute and convenient like you said.

  2. I would so love one of these. Its so cute and convenient like you said.

  3. Yes it's pretty cool to own a very unique piece of decor too lol


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