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The Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

Press Sample: Product given by a Company Rep for Testing and Review Purposes.

Today I would like to introduce to you, my lovely readers, a new hair accessory called the Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose.
These clips are meant to hold your hair or updo in place of bobby pins or hair grips.  I was given two of their clips to try and I received one in a XS and a Medium.
The clips are available in 7 different different sizes ranging from a Mini to XXL and come in a variation of colors and designs and each are named diffrently.  You choose the clip that is suitable for your hair type, length and thickness.

The clip has a unique design and it’s a bit challenging to use at first, so I needed to look at some youtube videos in order to test them out correctly.
The clip does not snap on, it slides through your hair and fastens on tiny little grooves on the sliding pin, so therefore getting the correct size is important.

The XS blue flexi clip I got is called Hues of Blues and a Medium one called Hibiscus Sunset.
The line of flexi clips Lila Rose has are very beautiful and unique in their design and color and has a vintage feel to them mainly because most of their sliding pins have a varying amount of antiquing to them so, proper care is needed to keep the finish looking good and all of this is instructed in the manual and website.

 Let's see some styles I did using the flexi clips…

The XS was super cute and it was great to clip my hair back in a half up do, and to use as a barret on the side of my hair without any assistance of bobby pins and I also used it to adorn my hair bun which looked super girly and princess like. In that style, I need my rubber band and bobby pins.

Then I tried the Medium and it was good for certain styles on me, but unfortunately not for a high pony tail or to hold up my donut bun.
I have medium wavy hair with texture but it's not too thick and it is heavy and bouncy. Unfortunately, the Medium would only work on certain styles and would slip off on others so I’m guessing depending on the style, a small clip would also work on me.

In the pictures below, you will see the styles I was also able to achieve using the Medium clip.
Overall, these clips are really nice and unique and some can take the place of your bobby pins while some are great just for hair adornment and again it varies on your correct size clip for the style that works best for you. The Lilla Rose price ranges on these flexi clips are from $17 to $32 Dollars.

 You can try out these clips for yourself by purchasing them on www.lillarose.biz/silverbellestyle
and once on the site, Lilla Rose also offers other hair accessories that suit your style.

I really liked their organic packaging. It's a really cute brown and purple paper envelope where your clips are nicely tucked in.

The outer packaging is cute as well, a bubbled envelope to secure your clips.

Here are some of the styles I did with the Flexi clip in Hues of Blues...

Such a beautiful design and very well crafted

The size clip is etched on the sliding pin, this one says XS

These are the grooves which fasten on to the clip

This one is the Medium called Hibiscus Sunset
There you have it! The cool flexi clip from Lilla Rose that can be used on any occasion to adorn your locks into beautiful styles.