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Curls Made Easy

Press Sample: Product given by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes.

The automatic steamer curler is a very unique concept in curling irons and there are many companies manufacturing it, including this one from Lansam by Aila.

First of all, Pink is my favorite color and this one is a beautiful Rose Red that screams out girly girl.  It comes in a nice box with 2 hair clips, a cleaning brush and a dropper to pour water in the curling chamber and it also comes with detailed instructions to show how to use the curler accurately.  I’m definitely not a pro at all, at curling my hair but after using this curling iron my hair came to life with beautiful waves and curls.  Again, before you start using this curling iron read the booklet carefully.  As for my experience, I did two mistakes, one being, I filled the chamber with tap water and it’s supposed to be filtered or distilled water.  And second, I used the highest temperature first at 450 F and I ended up with some of my silver hair turning yellow.  I should have used different water and used it on a lower temperature setting, my hair smelled funny too afterwards lol but again my fault.  Man O Man! were the curling results fantastic! This curling Iron really works.  I tested it with thicker hair pieces but it wouldn’t curl so I used smaller pieces and the curls came out instantly.  I tried all the timer settings 8 seconds for loose waves, 10 seconds for soft curls and 12 seconds for more defined curls.  My favorite were the defined curls.  I also like that it beeps to indicate how long to have your hair in the chamber so each timer setting has different beeps or you can turn the beeps off by sliding the lever to zero.  I personally will keep the beeps:)

Another feature, is the curl direction setting, when you curl your right side of the hair (counter clockwise) you switch the lever to the R side and vice versa for the L (clockwise).  Oh, yes to make sure you are curling your hair right and with the right amount of hair, make sure the black side of the nano titanium curl chamber is facing towards you and always release the handles first to get the curl because if you pull away before opening the handles , the curl will be straightened and that’s not good, I know, it happened to me trying to get the hang of it.  As for my curling time, I separated my hair in sections and it took 60 minutes to get my results and my hand did get a bit tired mostly because I have a bad wrist but still I was able to achieve the results I wanted to see, which were beautiful bouncy curls.

Overall, this is a fantastic product and it really works and the curls last until you wash them off, probably two-three days.  Here are my before after pictures… and the last one was on the second day, The curls stood in:)

You can get this awesome contraption on Amazon  for $59.90


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